Is Jackie Mason a positive (yes) or negative (no) role model for the American Jewish community?

  • Yes he is

    Yes, Jackie Mason is a very positive role model for the Jewish people who live here in America. He is a very talented comedian, and has built up a very large fan base, that makes him a good person to use as a role model for the Jews that live here.

  • He makes good points with jokes.

    Yes, Jackie Mason is a positive role model for the American Jewish community, because a lot can be said in a positive way through jokes. With his jokes, America can learn about Judaism, and Mason can take a non-threatening approach to exploring the stereotypes, positives, and criticisms of Jewish culture.

  • Jackie Mason makes Americans laugh, which is a positive trait

    Jackie Mason is a positive role model for the American Jewish community because he is a comedian that uses old-fashioned, mostly clean comedy in his routines. He is not a corporate idol or a politician, characters who often make people feel negatively. Jackie Mason makes people laugh, and that can never be a negative thing.

  • More Positive Than Negatice

    I believe Jackie Mason could be considered a positive role model for the American Jewish community, but he is not free of unsightly incidents that have damaged his persona. I believe in finding a role model it is important to take the good and get rid of the bad. This would be necessary in the case of Jackie Mason.

  • Jokes Go Too Far

    Jackie Mason's jokes have gone too far in some instances and he isn't a good role model for the Jewish-American community. He resigned from being a rabbi after three years to start his stand-up act. Ever since, he's been touted as funny and controversial. Calling certain blacks a "schvartze" was too far, even though Mason apologized for it later. "Schvartze" is often a racist term meaning "black" in German.

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