Is jail a better solution for ending gang violence than rehabilitation?

  • Take Them To Jail

    If gangs started in some prisons and some started in jail...... Shouldn't there be an end to all this violence that is putting fear in some people? If gang members are sentenced to jail than there wouldn't be a lot of crime going on.... And some prisons can change the way the prison is ran to decrease gangs being formed in jail.

  • There is no rehabilitation.

    Jail is a better solution for ending gang violence than rehabilitation. Jail helps keep these criminals off the street and protects general society. The idea of rehabilitation is a nice theory but it very rarely truly happens. Even if rehabilitation were to happen it would take years and society would still be in danger while these animals were on the street.

  • Jails Not Better Than Rehabilitation for Gangs

    No, jail is not a better solution for ending gang violence than is rehabilitation. While jail certainly has a place in the process, gang members are individuals and teaching an individual to renounce the gang life is better than locking them up for life. In addition, many individuals in jail learn more about gang life than they would otherwise.

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