Is Jake Gyllenhaal a better actor than Benedict Cumberbatch?

Asked by: aarondh2020
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  • Benedict Cumberbatch is superior.

    Benedict Cumberbatch has played a number of iconic roles including Smaug from the Hobbit, Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Strange, The Grinch, Van Gogh, Alan Turing from the Imitation game, And several others. Directors would not choose an unworthy actor to play such memorable and important figures. I am not here to bash Jake Gyllenhaal, But the claim that he is a better actor than Benedict Cumberbatch is downright offensive. Southpaw and Nightcrawler are Gyllenhaal's only memorable characters. Benedict dove deep into his roles to the point where he became them emotionally. When he played the role of Smaug, He was on all fours moving and manipulating himself like a reptile, Which he didn't have to, Demonstrating his dedication to the acting career. Again, I am not here to dispute the fact that Jake is an excellent actor, But the fact is, Benedict Cumberbatch is superior.

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