• It is real

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  • Jalex is reel

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  • Jalex Is So Very Real.

    So, fans of ATL constantly ask, "is Jalex real"? But of course it is real. If you watch interviews of them together, you'll find that everytime it is brought up if they are in a relationship, they kind of try to stay neutral with the answer. They don't say yes, and they don't say no. It seems as though they were more affectionate and open when they were first out of high school and had less of a following and a buzz. But now they just seem nervous when its brought up. This leads many people to believe that " Jalex" is real. Maybe they are off and on. Maybe they don't want their relationship everywhere. And for that I have to have respect for them. But "Jalex" is so very real.

  • Of course it's real...

    I think it's real. Jack confirmed it in an interview. THEY confirmed it in an interview. They kissed. And the way they look at each other. The fondness. I don't think, they will ever say it in the public, but in interviews. Those are my reasons, why Jalex is real.

  • It was said in an interview

    Same as the person above, it was said in a interview saying that Jalex was real. They released t-shirts that say Jalex on them. They kiss on camera, they touch each other constantly. Even though , they haven't said PUBLICLY That Jalex is real but they said in an interview that Jalex was real.
    These are my reasons why I think Jalex is real.

  • Yes, it is confirmed.

    Yes, Jalex is real, because the two confirmed the relationship in interviews. Even though they would not publicly admit it, they are a relationship. They have not said much publicly about the relationship, but they have been seen kissing before, and they confirmed their relationship in television interviews. This is sufficient evidence that Jalex is real.

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