• At the moment I believe it is

    I watched the video, and read many articles. All the articles saying that it is authentic seem to give no argument that it actually is. As ShereenElaidi said, there should've been a significant blood spray for at least a couple of heart pumps. I also thought that it was strange that the video cut out as soon as the beheading started, it seems that they would show the entire thing. The end shot of Foley's head set on top of his body could have easily been faked.
    Although I think that Foley's "lack of fear" over his execution is not a solid argument for it being faked, even though I do believe that it is fake at the moment.

  • James Foley's video execution is fake

    James Foley's video execution definitely fake, and for several reasons. Firstly, there are major blood vessels along the neck, which, if cut the way the terrorist cut it, would have resulted in blood splattering everywhere. This is not the case with Foley. There was a significant amount of blood, but not nearly enough. Furthermore, Foley spoke with little emotion, despite his knowledge of his impending execution.

  • It is very obviously fake.

    Beside the inconsistency of the "beheading" with basic biology, the performance is not at all consistent with other terrorist executions done on camera. It is more likely that such a staging would be the work of a government which has some sort of an agenda which is the motive for such a production. It is also suspicious that the largest news media networks in the US are not reporting this information. Furthermore, the FBI had the audacity to declare this poorly executed repugnant staging as being genuine.

  • And I'm the opposite of a conspiracy theorist

    The crazy "he's a spy" crap is driving me crazy. I don't know what the hell is going on here, but I'm pretty convinced that is not his dead body and head. I think the people that are frustrated and saying we have video proof don't realize, because they haven't watched the video that we have zero proof he was killed by beheading and only photographical evidence (note I said EVIDENCE not PROOF) that he is actually dead, and that evidence can be weighed by both sides.
    Ok let's give it a try:

    The knife on the ground is not the knife jihaddi john was waving around.
    His right eyebrow looks like a woman who knows how to do her make-up did it. It looks perfectly plucked and filled in with eye shadow.
    Has anyone noticed where his shoes landed and both are near the wrong foot? You can't fling flip flops like that off your feet while you're on your knees. You can't get much momentum from that position with that type of shoe. (Being a woman, that jumped out at me)
    The clouds in the video are different from one scene to the next.
    I believe there is a time span between scenes (as in days or weeks). His facial structure is different (weight changes) as well as his facial hair.
    His feet don't look like they belong on a dead body. They look like they were twisted into place on a dummy. They look flexed which is impossible if he's dead.
    The pooling of the blood is sooooo ridiculous. It took me a while to notice this because I believed it was real when I first watched it. I had to start believing it was more likely a fake than not, to actually look closely. With one close look I just started finding mistake after mistake after mistake. He appears to be laying is blood--all the way down to his waste but only a bit has poured out of his neck? Why hasn't his shirt absorbed any of that blood his stomach is resting in? What's up with the crescent thing on his right cheek? It looks like when they created the mold they painted a moustache on in and now they need to cover that up with blood. Seriously....We're supposed to believe that blood didn't go spraying all over the place when his veins and arteries were being cut, but then the blood started spraying upward and is more predominant on his right cheek which was pressed into jihaddi john's torso as Jim started TIPPING over to the right?
    Why did they roll up his sleeves after he was killed?
    Where is his right shoulder? Follow his arm up and there is no shoulder, it just goes from arm to piled shirt on the ground and then has a massively pronounced shoulder blade jutting up from his back.
    And on and on and on but I have "to many words". This site needs better editors

  • Yes it was faked because the person who we never actually saw beheaded was not actually Jim Foley.

    All the family post-trauma reactions (24 hours after the fact) were not plausible, even to the mother saying that she didn't recognize her son. Perhaps because he wasn't her son??? I have no idea who is in bed with whom to make this deception happen - but it smells very, very, very bad.

  • Fake for sure.

    The video looks far too polished - it's more like a trailer for a movie albeit a very badly acted one. No footage of the actual beheading, the final shot is a still image which doesn't appear to match with the 'movie' not enough blood, different coloured skin tone of the body and the neck appears to have vanished!
    Family seem rather unperturbed by the alleged horrific death of their sibling/son. They are laughing and joking without looking the slightest bit traumatised.

  • Way Too Many Mistakes

    In the meantime it is clear that this was a complete fake and more than this: It was a horrible job done with the worst actors imaginable!
    What an embarrassment and shame for all involved in this! After this video it is hard to believe anything anymore!




  • Are we so dumb?

    He seems too apathetic in his statement and as he kneels before his would-be executioner, who, in turn appears to lack any sort of fundamentalist authenticity. Where are the religious references? Where are his brothers toting weapons? Their absence is conspicuous. However the clearest, undeniable evidence has to be the actual cutting of the neck. Not one speck of blood. After 5-6 slices his skin is perfectly clean. Then, fade out....Latex mold of his face, fake blood and set up a terribly unconvincing body and...Job done. It's scary to see how stupid governments are now taking people to be..Isis was originally funded by the US and its middle east allies.

  • Inconsistant with previous videos

    01) The killer didn't start his speech with "Bismillahi rahmani rahim"
    02) There is no black flag in the video
    03) Foley is far too calm for someone who knows he is about to have his head cut off
    04) No "Allahu akbar"
    05) "Killer" has an accent from NW London which conveniently has the largest Jewish population in the UK
    06) Foley has been outed as a CIA asset by former US Intelligence Agent Scott Rickard which explains why he keeps popping up in US proxy war situations
    07) His family didn't seem upset at news of his death on their TV interviews
    08) Since when have IS been shy about showing the actual beheading of their victims?
    09) Facial bone structure of "decapitated" head is different than Foley whilst alive
    10) When have IS ever used graphical and audio effects in their videos?
    11) Remember Foley was captured and released by Gadaffi, then went "missing" in Syria and the US govt spent the last few months claiming Assad took him. Now we are supposed to believe Assad handed him over to IS?
    12) A big give away of the staged level of this is the orange suit. Where do IS get a bright orange American jail style suit from? Seems like a perfect video to shock USA audiences into being Ok with another war.
    Orange suit in a war zone people! (Stolen from Obamas Guantanamo?)
    13) IS always used the black flags in their videos, and always finish with Allahu Akbar screaming.

  • Yes it was faked by American intelligence

    Where to begin? The Foley video does not actually show the beheading. This is strange because ISIS would presumably want to show the gruesomeness. There are no Islamic prayers like other beheading videos the knife looks like plastic and as it is sawing into foley's heck there is no blood. Foley's behaviour is odd, no reaction to the knife as he is beheaded. There is no blood spray on the dirt just a puddle, in beheadings blood spurts everywhere. His body afterwards has no hair on the arms and is very white in comparison to his tanned head. Body looks totally fake, just a plastic model. In the movies heads can be very easily recreated by creating moulds and adding colour. Foley's head had recently been shaved which would allow for a cast of his head. I could go on, do your own research.

  • The video was a mock execution though Foley is killed shortly thereafter

    Most likely scenario: Foley is shown a plastic or ineffective knife and instructed to participate in a fake execution or, otherwise, face torture. Foley complies and is still alive after shooting the "execution" video; probably with multiple takes. Captors, not necessarily "Jihadi John", kill Foley at a later point probably within an hour of filming and verifying that the video and audio quality is sufficient.

    1. Foley's scripted speech referencing recent US airstrikes on ISIS militants suggests that the script was written recently and mock executions were probably not routine for the prisoners. (ISIS had no reason to blackmail the US by killing hostages until the US military intervened in August 2014.) Foley, however, probably did not expect to be killed shortly after filming.
    2. Any of the other US prisoners being held could have been in Foley's place. Though he might have been the captors' top target given their knowledge of his family's ties to the US military, Foley was relatively unknown prior to his death and probably was the first US prisoner the captors could get to choose the mock execution over torture.
    3. The three main reasons for not killing him on camera: 1) the captors want to make sure they have good footage of Foley reading the script so they shoot multiple takes, 2) if Foley believes he will be killed he has no incentive to read the provided script, and 3) culpability, as no one can be certain of the actual murderer.
    4. In response to the moderate amount of skepticism of the video's authenticity, if the captors do release another video of an execution they will likely show the execution in its entirety to remove any remaining doubt.

  • Intelligence agencies of the US, and Britain concluded that the video wasn't fake.

    I watched CNN about the James Foley video, and according to them, US intelligence agencies concluded that the video was authentic. As a result the US and Britain, are trying to see where James Foley was in Syria or Iraq, and they are also trying to find out who the killer was.

  • The video does not show his actual murder

    The video is a product of the many rehearsals his captors forced him and other hostages to participate in. His actual murder was done off camera at a later time and probably not by Jihad John. So while the video does not represent his death, I do believe he died shortly afterwards.

  • It wasn't Fake

    We have videos and also pictures of his beheading. So that would tell me he is dead. Wouldn't it to you. Well if the video is not enough evidence. Than I don't know what is so. You'll just keep calling it a conspiracy, but it seems very real to me, and other people.

  • Of course not

    The terrorists say they did it, the media says they did it, the UN says they did it....And there's a high quality video of the murder. So to claim it's faked, one would have to believe Islamic terrorism was a western conspiracy, the UN is controlled by the west, and all Western media is secretly feeding endless propaganda. Who will admit to believing that? No, the video is real.

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