Is Jan Crouch the single most important figure of the Trinity Broadcast Network?

  • Jan is the most recognizable.

    Jan is the most important figure in the Trinity Broadcast Network because she is the most recognizable. Whether you love her or hate her, her face and huge mane of poofy pink hair is probably one of the first things that you picture when you think of religious broadcasting and TBN specifically.

  • The Late Jan Crouch, most important figure of Trinity Broadcast Network.

    Jan Crouch was by far the single most important figure of the Trinity Broadcast Network. Crouch and her husband Paul, Co-Founders of the network built an amazing broadcast network that touches the lives of millions every day. Though Paul was an important figure, Jan brought inspired leadership and conviction to the network that was irreplaceable.

  • Pretty sure God is

    The entire point of the Trinity Broadcast Network is that our lord God is the one and only. To suggest that a single person could be the most important figure on a network devoted to God is borderline sacrilege. Jan is wonderful, but please, don't be so silly as to suggest she's more important than the lord Himself.

  • They are all full of shit.

    Jan Crouch was not an important figure along with the rest of her cronies at the so called Trinity Broadcasting Network. That whole network is a sham, preying on the weak with their lies, convincing them to send all their money to a faceless entity and driving these poor people into poverty while they live like hogs in the fat house. I really hope that bitch is roasting in Hell right now.

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