• A great comedian

    Yes, I do think that she is very funny, and is a talented comedian. Besides being a comedian, she is also a very smart lady and knows a lot about politics and how they work. She has had a lot of success, and a lot of people enjoy watching her.

  • She Has Her Moments

    By far, Janeane Garofalo isn't one of my favorite actors or comedians, but she is certainly funny. While she still works in the entertainment industry, her time in the lime light has certainly diminished since the 90's, probably due to a lack of interest from audiences. I am sure she will continue a semi-successful career until she opts to retire.

  • Not even close

    I just heard some of her standup. She's unprepared and lazy. She attempts to illicit a laugh by rambling off political buzz words. Recently, It just seems she's been hitting the pot a little too hard. . . You can hear it in her voice. Her lazy approach to her job is not overshadowed by her attempt to look educated. . . That "I'm uniquely and intelligently witty" look. She's just a dud. She may have been funny at one time, But I haven't seen it. Angry, Bitter, Lazy, Unmotivated. . . Not much comedy to be found in that combination.

  • Too Dry and Political

    I used to like her standup b/c it was about women's rights and personal experiences. Now it is just bashing the right with a blunt wit She used to be a lot better but the last few things I've seen her do have been very poorly executed. I hope she goes back to situational comedy or leaves comedy for political commentary altogether.

  • No, Janeane Garofalo is not funny.

    This is a very subjective question and anyone who takes a more conservative view point would not find Ms. Garofalo funny. She provides humor and insults at the expensive of other people. She takes an extreme position on the left and insults anyone who is on the right. Her humor is not funny and a majority of people agree that she lacks humor, which she herself will readily admit.

  • A wasted talent

    Janeane Garofalo has some minor talent and caught onto a certain part of the zeitgeist in the 1990s, but in 2014 she doesn't have a whole lot to say and seems to be out of step with our current culture. Garofalo hasn't been relevant for the simple reason that she brings nothing to the table anymore.

  • Garofalo is too political to enjoy

    Janeane Garofalo is not funny. Her material is so political that it is hard to enjoy it unless a person is very liberal. She alienates people who are not of this political orientation because it feels personal. If she were to focus on material that is cleaner or simply off-topic of policy, then she would be enjoyable to listen to.

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