• Yes, because he has caused enough controversy to have his own debate question.

    Yes, Janetsanders733 is an okay debater, because he or she has made enough of a name for themselves that this whole thread exists as to whether they are a good debater. In order to have one's own debate about whether they are good at debate, they must be controversial, or notable, or something. Ordinary people just don't have their own thread like that.

  • Janetsanders733 is an Exceptional Debater

    Just from statistics alone, we can determine whether or not Janetsanders733 is a reputable debater. website states that this 20-year-old male has participated in 16 debates which doesn't sound like a lot of debates; however, he has won half of the debates he's been in with only 6 of 8 other debates as a loss. Based on his percentage rate of wins, he's among the 96% percentile which means that he's part of the upper-echelon of debaters on that website. From facts shown on the website we can see that janetsanders733 is a good debater.

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