• Yes, but they are paying him too much.

    Janoris Jenkins seems like a pretty good cornerback who can definitely help the Giants. However, he is probably not worth $12 million a year, which is what they will pay him. He can be a playmaker, but in order to make those plays he may take unnecessary risks, which will result in big plays for the opposing team. Jenkins is not a lock-down cornerback like Darrelle Revis or Richard Sherman, so he shouldn't be paid like one.

  • Janoris Jenkins could be the next all-star cornerback the Giants need

    Janoris Jenkins is a cornerback that the Giants may consider picking up. I think it would be a good pick up for them because Janis Jenkins is young, ready to play and could be the next all star corner back the Giants need to succeed. Janis Jenkins could even help carry the Giants to the play offs and beyond!

  • He doesn't have fundamentals.

    Jenkins is a star, understandably. But he doesn't have the skills that he needs to have in order to win in the NFL. He plays too cautiously. The Giants would have been better off to select good players to fill in other positions. The coaching staff needs to change tactics if they want to be successful in the future.

  • Janoris Jenkins is not a good pick up

    Janoris Jenkins is talented and energetic. He is also potential to be a big player, and he has very good statistics. However, he may also be a trouble maker, from what he have done and experienced. Janoris Jenkins' tendency of getting involved in trouble with the police force will possibly cause big loss to the New York Giants.

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