• They are not run by a communist party and are not subject to censorship laws.

    Japan is practically the best nation in Asia. They have made so many contributions to the world compared to China, Which has suffered under the evils of communism. To this day they still censor bad things about their country, And they are not trustworthy or truthful. Japan has made both great and legendary automobiles, Like the renown 1999 Nissan Skyline GTR R34, The Subaru WRX series, Toyota Supra, Honda S2000, Mazda Miata, Lexus, And the Mitsubishi Evo X. They are also known for their animation (anime, For which I have no interest in), And their video game industry, With many games like Super Mario Bros, Resident Evil, Donkey Kong, Tekken, Street Fighter, And the Sonic series. Japan is WAY better than China.

  • Do you want my opinion or rationale?

    Given that I am on the “Yes” side, Obviously I prefer Japan, But statistically, China is currently fairing much better.

    Japan had everything going for it by the turn of the 20th century, But only 100 years later and it’s in stagnation or even decline in most areas.

    I will answer your question in more detail if you are willing to specify.

  • I say yes!

    I prefer japanese women over chinese men, I prefer japanese robots over chinese humans, I prefer japanese female assassins over chinese male assassins, I say japanese women are better teachers than chinese men, I prefer naked women from japan over naked men from china, I definitely prefer japanese girls over chinese boys!

  • China is bigger and more powerful

    Despite its history, Presently, China is simply a big and powerful nation. Although Japan may be more "economically developed", It simply can't do anything important in terms of a global scale. Not to mention of its "aging population", One wonders if Japan will still exist after 100 years. I'm not saying that Japan is useless or a bad country, Im just saying that presently, China is indeed contributing more in a global sense than Japan is.

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