Is Japan trying to cover up their exploitation of women by denying that they used sex slaves in World War II?

  • Japan still exploiting women

    By continuing to cover up the fact that women were forced into prostitution during World War Two, Japan continues to exploit women. Meaningless apologies and monuments to comfort women do nothing to solve these long time issues. These women need their stories to be told and for the truth to come light, so that history never repeats itself.

  • By denying the use of sex slaves in World War II, Japans is refusing to accept blame for their crimes.

    The use of sex-slaves by the Japanese military in World War II is a well documented fact. With the Japanese government's continual refusal and denial of this violation of human-rights during the war, Japan is refusing to admit to and accept the, rightful, blame owed to them for the inhumane acts of their military during the war.

  • Yes, the Japanese Government is trying to cover up

    The only reason they do not want to admit to using sex slaves in World War II is to keep from having to pay awards to the descendants of the women who were abused. There is no one around to protect people in war. The strong prey on the weak, murder happens, rape happens. War is a free-for-all and Japan's Government got caught out.

  • Japan has not denied explecitly, only in semantics

    I don't think Japan denies having used women as sex slaves during World War II. They are using different words to describe it but it is basically the same thing. On the contrary, I think they are proud of their women population to have dedicated their time for the war effort.

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