• Yes, we should imitate Japan

    Japan's transit system is clean and efficient, and their high-speed bullet trains are definitely a model for the U.S. to follow. I know that Vice President Joe Biden is a passionate advocate of train travel, and he makes a compelling case for high-speed trains in America. Not only are they worthwhile in and of themselves, but they would create many jobs and shore up our flagging infrastructure. Unfortunately, Republicans have been successful so far in labelling high-speed rail a "boondoggle," even though that's nonsense.

  • Yes it is.

    Japan's transit system is probably the most amazing in the world, so of course it's a model that America could follow and implement. And we should. Not only that, we should make it even better with speedier trains. The Japanese system is clean, entertaining, and timely. I would love it here.

  • We could but probably won't

    It is not of a matter of if this country could follow the model of Japans mass transit system, it is most likely we won't. This country has become really cheap in the way it invests money on it's infrastructure. Besides, most people in this country like to drive their cars anyway. It would be nice to have some other options though, so we do not have to sit in traffic all day.

  • No, I don't believe that Japan's mass transit system is a model that America could follow and implement.

    Japan has a very impressive mass transit system but it's highly unlikely that it could be implemented here in the United States, it would take an enormous amount of money to build a nationwide mass transit system like Japans and it would take many decades and disrupt businesses and property from coast to coast, with a nation as large as the United States I do ever see a high speed mass transit system ever becoming a reality.

  • Japan's mass transit system is not a model that America could follow and implement.

    America should not try to copy the model of Japan's mass transit system because the two counties are too different. America is a much larger country, and the cities are less centralized. In America, most people live in the suburbs and commute via car rather than by train or bus.

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