• Jason Mewes is indeed a serious actor

    Jason Mewes has played in over two dozen (24) movies since 1994. While he may have played characters that are hard to take seriously, it is hard not to take his acting career seriously. He has worked steadily in Hollywood for over twenty years and if movie studios did not have confidence in his abilities, work would have simply dried up for him.

  • Jason Mewes can't wait to act your stuff

    I am literally sure that Jason Mewes is a serious actor besides all his shenanigans. I think he can be complex and witty under his disguise of crazy hobo or drug addict ex felon. The roles need to have the depth so he can play them, and the script has to be well written.

  • He is a great actor

    Although his characters may not seem too serious, Jason Mewes is a phenomenal actor and deserving of respect. Whether or not you agree with the characters he plays is irrelevant when it comes to skill in the performance. Mewes gets into character very well and is a screen stealing actor.

  • Jason Mewes is hilarious

    Jason Mewes is hilarious! Is he serious about being an actor, in that he sees it as a career? Yes! Is he a serious actor? Absolutely not! He cracks me up and any movie or show he is in is a delight to watch, although he plays pretty roles most of the time.

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