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  • No, Jay Cutler is not an elite quarterback.

    Jay Cutler's career is surely on the rise this season. He recently played an awesome game against the Rams where the Bears won 37-13. However, his career as a football player in now entering its 10th year and he just has not had the consistency to warrant being called an elite quarterback.

  • Jay Culter no different than before

    Jay Cutler does not have a status of elite quarterback yet. Recent stats show that he is in the later 80s rank compared to his peers. He would have to move up in ranking and continue to show results to become an elite quarterback. To become an elite athlete in a team sport means that you need to depend on the support of your team as well.

  • No I don't

    A lot of people disagree with this statement. Most people day that the only thing Elite about Cutler is that he gets paid more than the other players. People would argue that there's nothing special about Cutler and I would have to agree. I don't think he's an elite quaterback.

  • Highest Paid doesn't mean Elite

    Jay Cutler is now one of the highest paid quarterbacks this season. He does have a great winning record currently, with a score of 59-52, but he just doesn't perform like an 'elite quarterback' should. It seems to me he does perform great with interceptions, but his number of fumbles can, in my book, outweigh that number.

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