• Jay is Funnier

    In the early days of letterman he was hilarious. But as he became more open with his politics he faded and became sullen and snarky. Comedians need to stick to comedy unless they go the Joan rivers route. She made fun of other people showing no bias. Comedians should leave leave biases up to Limbaugh. .

  • Yes, by the only measurable statistic, Jay Leno was funnier than David Letterman.

    It is hard to imagine a more subjective question than 'who is funnier?'. However, by the only objective measuring stick we have (television ratings), the general population found Jay Leno to be funnier than David Letterman. Leno's Tonight Show averaged a 1.4 share (about 5 million viewers), while Letterman's Late Night averaged a 1.1 share (about 4 million viewers).

  • Jay Leno is funnier that David Letterman.

    Yes, Jay Leno is a funnier comedian than David Letterman is. Jay Leno did stand up comedy on a regular basis the entire time he was filming the Tonight Show, and he is continuing to do it now that he is no longer with the Tonight Show. Letterman makes more opportunistic jokes, rather than from inherent funniness.

  • Yes, I think he is

    I am not a big fan of Letterman, but I don't think Leno is much better. If I had to choose between the two I would go with Leno. i am more of a Conan person and I also have a liking for Jimmy Kimmel as well, they are both better than Letterman.

  • Jay Leno is funnier

    It is my opinion that Jay Leno is funnier than David Letterman. Letterman's humor makes more use of props than most people would find funny in today's late night culture. I find the Jay Leno's humor is more suitable to a younger audience because he pokes fun at popular topics in current affairs.

  • David Letterman is an innovative genius of comedy and television

    Today’s late night shows are all based on Letterman’s style and innovations. Jay Leno is fine. Vanilla. Nothing new. His audience was broader because it was blander. David Letterman was not only funnier, He was funnier in new ways. I would watch Dave for Dave. You watched Leno for the guests. He himself had nothing interesting or funny to say.

  • Letterman is funnier

    I feel like he keeps to the humor. Plus his segments on "Great Presidential Speeches" was hysterical to say the least. All the funny moments with Obama crack me up. Words aren't enough to say how funny that was. Leno is funny too, but nothing like Letterman. Leno is like Dane Cook in comparison while Letterman is like a Seinfeld, a Carlin.

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