• Why wouldn't he be a freemason.

    The idea that Jay-Z is not a Freemason based on his religious affiliation is inaccurate. The truth is that the Freemason group does not require a specific religious affiliation but instead that you only believe in a god. The Freemason group is not a group of people that do bad things but instead those that work together for the better of human kind. This could have been the reason he did join such an organization so that he could network with other people.

  • Proclamation is needed

    Jay-Z has never proclaimed to be a freemason, so why should anyone consider him to be one in the first place? If he proclaims to be one and they recognize him, then we could conclude that he is a freemason. Until then I firmly say he is not and should not be considered one.

  • We Can't Be Sure

    Unless Jay-Z has come out and proclaimed himself as a freemason, there is no definitive way to be sure that he is in fact a member of this group. To say otherwise would merely be speculation on the part of those commenting. Jay-Z would have to admit to being one in order for it to be held as true.

  • Jay-Z is not a freemason

    Jay-Z is not a freemason. He has never stated that he is and there is no substantial evidence to prove that he is one. Jay-Z has always been very quiet about his religious beliefs and practices. He likes to have some type of privacy and I do not blame him.

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