• Yes, he is.

    Jay Z is the greatest musician of all time, both in terms of wealth and artistic talent. He was born into abject poverty, but, through hard work, he now has a net worth of over $500,000,000. He's married to one of the most beautiful women who's ever lived, he lives in one of the world's nicest neighbors (Tribecca), and he's even good friends with the President of the United States. Most importantly, he's a philanthropist, donating millions of dollars a year to those less fortunte than himself. In his own words, "You can call me Caesar, I'm a dark Czar."

  • Yes he is

    Jigga held you down six summers, damn! I mean do I even have to explain this? Name a single Jay Z album you don't know? Boom can't do it. He wrote many hip hop classics, banged Beyonce, owns himself a Kanye West, and owns a Maybach (it's a big deal)

  • I honestly thought this topic was satire.

    Poe's Law has been overlooked here. I honestly thought this topic was a joke, ie the Original Poster (OP-no pun intended) was satirising the Narcissism that rappers and hip-hop artist convey.
    If any rapper had to be the "Eighth Wonder of the world," it would be Dr. Dre; Not an attractive man, so this has/had to rely on sheer musical talent for success, rather than "good looks." And that has to count for something.

  • This is dumb.

    First off, even if you only look to hip-hop, tupac is the best rapper, or, possibly Biggie, maybe, maybe, Eminem. His newest album isn't very good, he hasn't had a really great album since the blueprint in 2001.

    Now when you say eighth wonder of the world, you talk nonsense. Sorry, but, even in the realm of music, Paul McCartney lives, Eric Clapton lives, Chuck Berry lives, Keith Richards lives...I mean, sorry, but a dude who makes rhymes up in his head to a beat he did not even make just isn't even in the same ballpark.

  • Doesn't Make Sense

    What even...? The Seven Wonders of the World are places, are they not? Jay-Z is a person. Obviously he is not the eighth wonder of the world. Whoever came up with this question was certainly just trying to be funny or something. This just doesn't make sense! Oh, well...To each their own.

  • No No NO

    I barely know who he is, but certainly not a wonder of the world. He is a human. He has not made big contributions to mankind or changed history, why should he be a wonder of the world? They are probably a lot more people whoa re more accomplished than him

  • He is a human

    While his accomplishments are certainly amazing, he simply doesn't fit into the definition of what a "wonder of the world" is in the context of the "Seven Wonders of the World". The "wonders of the world" are, depending on the list you look at, natural geographic features, great artistic works, etc. If there was a list of "greatest human achievers", an argument could be made for him being on it, but he doesn't belong on a list of wonders of the world.

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