Is Jazz a neglected and an almost hated type of music in contemporary society?

Asked by: Kc1999
  • It's not hated, just disrespected and most definitely neglected.

    With so many genre's of music out there these days, Jazz frequently gets overlooked. People (especially the younger generation) probably haven't had a chance to really listen to it or learn to appreciate it. It is not dance music that people play in clubs and few people appreciate how deep and what a wide range it has. I have heard people referring to Jazz as "boring" or "depressing". They haven't heard the passion that goes into Jazz.
    Some teenagers pretend to like it however, when I attempt a conversation about Jazz or Jazz artists, they can hardly ever participate. Names like Charlie Parker, Count Basie and even Ella Fitzgerald are completely foreign to them.

  • They say it's boring

    I've heard many criticisms of Jazz. The younger generation calls it boring and not complicated. When they hear a saxophone, they think "oh that's jazz", and they have such a bad view on this type of music which was built on excitement and the lack of musical notation and such. I feel that it is such a shame that some people would want to forget tradition and call it boring. Jazz is quite complicated, and maybe the contemporary mind is not up for that. I don't know, but I feel like this type of music is neglected and people who play it are considered "odd"

  • Teenagers see it as cool and classy.

    I can only speak on what I've seen, but teens often pretend to love jazz because it is seen as something for intelligent people. The ones who actually like it are practically adored for their class and style. Hell, even on Family Guy and the Simpsons the character who likes jazz is always the smart, cultured one.

  • Left behind? Yes. Hated? Not necessarily.

    I don't think that people necessarily hate or neglect jazz music. This musical standpoint, though, depends on where a person lives. If you live in the deep south, chances are people around you are not bound to listen to the jazz genre. However, if you live somewhere with a strong influence like Chicago, chances are you will find more jazz music accessible. Almost any large city north of the Ohio River and on the Mississippi had a big influence on jazz. Miles Davis was born in Alton, IL, and became one of the largest influences in jazz history. Many school bands have kids who participate in a jazz band as well. To say that the genre is "almost hated" by people is almost ridiculous, because it isn't in most places. Again, it can be different from where I live though (St. Louis, MO).

  • All music is neglected in our society

    As a saxophone teacher I can tell you that young people have rarely heard Jazz. Kids with some interest in music always love it when they do hear it though. Its just that most of our kids are not getting an education in music, so they gravitate towards the simplicity of rap which has little to challenge their listening skills as music and relies more on the familiarity of the spoken word.

  • Of course not.

    Jazz has fallen through, the gradual advancement of modern music is taking over. Many people still support and love the art of Jazz, you just need to look in the right places. If anything i blame the low intellectual rate it takes to listen to music today, music may in some way lost it's dazzle. It used to be something you could observe and study, adore. Now it's turned into something completely contradicting to that. It's something you just listen to without any thought..

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