• Jealousy Under Control

    Do not be Jealous, cause God has the right to be jealous,.

    Being Jealous will be a problem, cause you can only show it if u miss a person but not in a physical abuse. It takes a lot of practice to control our jealousy.

    When in time your going to be jealous, think of your actions first cause there is a consequence for your actions.

    To achieve the impossible, get closer to God and you will find the answer. If you look for answers in the world, it will be impossible to overcome jealousy.

  • It's not a good thing

    Jealousy can lead to many bad things no matter what it's over. It feels like having poison in your veins and while I agree that small jealousy isn't a big problem, serious jealousy as a whole is bad. People need to learn to be grateful for what they have because they could have nothing or what they do have could be taken away from them. Jealousy is a natural thing, but that doesn't make it something we should be proud to have.

  • Jealousy promotes competition, and competition promotes evolution.

    People who are jealous of one another often try to out-do or exceed the person/people who they are jealous of. This promotes competition, something that is invaluable in the world.

    Think about it, a desire to exceed current expectations and ideals is what drives the world forward and causes new things to be invented. There's a reason why inventors go neck and neck with other inventors.

    Even from an educational setting, competition promotes achievement. When students WANT to out-do each other, they often end up learning more because of this desire to exceed the other students and create new expectations.

  • In a Moderate Amount

    Jealousy is not always bad. You just have to keep it at a low level. Envy is where you're willing to take something from someone even if you can't get it yourself. Jealousy is just wanting what someone else has. A bit of jealously is natural. Without jealously, humans would be dead by now. Envy is the real problem.

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