• Jeremy Lin is worth the money the NBA pays him

    Jeremy Lin, as well as any other NBA player, are worth every cent that the NBA pays them. People are worth what the market is willing to pay. At this time, the NBA is at an all-time high in terms of money, attendance and popularity. That is due to the players, and they should share in net revenue.

  • Jeremy Lin isn't worth the money.

    The NBA is full of many overpaid player and Jeremy Lin just adds to this long list of player. Since "Linsanity", Jeremy Lin has shown little talent on the court and shouldn't be paid this much. The NBA overpays so many players that we can just expect so many players to be added to that list every year.

  • He gets paid too much

    He gets paid too much, as does every other NBA player. The only people who should be making so much money are people who own their own companies, and people that help the world be a better place, such as doctors, scientists, and teachers. The world regards athletes too highly these days.

  • No, athletes are never worth their salaries

    No athlete is worth the pay that he or she receives. Athletes and other celebrities are over- paid for their work in both the athletic and entertainment industries. This is due to an artificially created environment with misplaces priorities and obsession with celebrity in American and worldwide economies and societies.

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