• Yes, Jerry Sandusky is Definitely Guilty of Abuse.

    Jerry Sandusky's guilt has been proven in a court of law. Like so many other famous sexual predators, his fame insulated him from accusation for many years. However, the evidence is clear. He abused vulnerable young men. Many people knew about it and said nothing. His legacy has been reduced to a disgusting old man instead of a football legend.

  • Yes, Jerry Sandusky has been found guilty of abuse.

    Yes, Jerry Sandusky is guilty of abuse. He was found guilty by a jury of his peers of committing multiple acts of abuse involving multiple victims. While he may have been granted a new trial, that does not mean that he is not guilty of abusing children. There are too many witnesses who have said otherwise.

  • Jerry Sandusky is guilty of abuse

    Without question, and unequivocally, Jerry Sandusky is guilty of abuse of the highest and worst possible standard. The evidence against him is extremely overwhelming, and without a doubt he should spend the rest of his life in prison paying for his crimes. He should never see the light of day outside prison walls.

  • Yes, Jerry Sandusky is guilty of abuse

    Yes, Jerry Sandusky is guilty of abuse. He had sexually abused several small boys over multiple years while coaching them at football at Penn State. There is a lot of evidence against him and no possible way that he is innocent. He ruined these boys lives and no time in prison will ever correct that.

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