• No but was from Osiris

    He wasnt copied from Horus. . . . . . . (apart from the virgin birth and the story ofhis exile to Egypt ). But he WAS copied fromthe story of Osiris. Although there are some differences, The general storyline is pretty much the same. Osiris was the god of resurrection. . . . So to in a way is Jesus. Both resurrected after death. Both judge the dead. Osiris was killed and betrayed by Set. . . . . . Jesus was betrayed by Judas! Also im sure that the Old Testament story of Jonah and the whale (which Jesus himself directly refers to) is a copy of the Osiris story. Osiris's phallus (penis) is eaten by a fish. The phallus represents sin. In the jonah story, Jonah is eaten because he sinned so Jonah IS the phallus of Osiris. . . Its done deliberatlyto tell the reader "Yes this is basically just a newer versionof the Osiris story".

  • Horus is the copy not Jesus

    Horus is an outgrowth of centuries of altering the eternal truths about the Godhead that they once understood. Of course, Being well before the mortal ministry of Jesus, The Egyptians would have been taught of Jehovah, Certainly by Abraham and Joseph.

    The trouble with understanding the Egyptian religion is that most of the surviving scrolls date back no further than the 2nd Century BC. What few hieroglyphics date back to the times of the Patriarchs don't give enough information to declare if "Horus" gave spawn later to Jesus, Or vice versa, As I've postulated.

  • All the claims that Mysticists align in regards to Jesus Christ and Horus are untrue.

    There is no evidence to back up any of the claims except for some miracles which would be expected from any diety. For example, Horus was not born of a virgin. He did not have 12 disciples or gave a sermon on a mount or be crucified and resurrected three days after.

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