• I'll use the most popular weaseling out technique

    Which is putting the burden of proof of my own fantasies on someone else.
    Therefore, Y'all have to prove me that he is not!
    Beg me to listen to you,
    To the countless points you're telling me.
    While my defense would just be "but you don't know for sure, Right? "
    And that's how we are killing our planet, Ladies and gents

  • Almost certainly, Yes.

    The Bible says that the world is about 6000 years old. We know through rational observations that it is considerably older. Yet through faith we also know that everything in The Bible is true in some sense. The only way to reconcile this discrepancy is to assume that The Bible is referencing a somewhat distorted time scale, Which means that the events of 2000 biblical-years ago likely happened several millions of Earth-years ago, Placing Jesus firmly in a time before humans. Since velociraptor was the most glorious creature in God's creation, And Jesus was the son of God, It is highly presumable that Jesus was a velociraptor, While John the Baptist was likely to have been a Spinosaurus. I DO NOT agree that the Jurassic Park films are accurate tellings of Bible stories, But actually rather blasphemous depictions of the Second Coming. Fool Him with a soup ladle we shall not.

  • The Jurassic park movies are bible stories

    The Jurassic park moves are like the creation story of Adam and eve, Anyone who dares disagree with the one true savor of the heavens the earth shall be damned for all eternity in the lagoon of mysterious organisms that predated the peudojesus homosapien dumbass that got himself executed by the roman empire.

  • In the bIble, There is no physical description of Jesus

    The only physical descriptions of Jesus are during his birth [Luke 2:16, (new international version)] which can fit inside a manger and Him cleaning the temple during his mission [Matthew 21:12(English standard version)]. Therefore we can conclude that Jesus was never stated to be a human being, Only a child born. The word child is not specified in the specific species, We can infer that Jesus maybe a raptor

  • Jesus is not a raptor.

    1. Since you used the bible, I'm also going to use it. Mary and Joseph bore Jesus. Both a human being. This is where the evidence comes from. If Jesus were a raptor, He would have been born in an egg first. Also, He was taken by a human. It is scientifically impossible for him to come out as a raptor by two people. (At that time, They already had agriculture, Further contexting that there was Chicken, Which makes them already know eggs. If they were to write the bible, They would have started it off with Jesus coming out of an egg. )
    2. Jesus was crucified in the bible. If you want to kill a raptor, You will have to make it split its arm. It can't. It's physically impossible.
    The raptor has its hands close to the front, And cannot transfer to the sides.
    3. Raptors? God would not send a raptor down onto Earth, So it can spread his ideas and thoughts. ( I'm just basing my evidence from basic knowledge of the bible. ) The reason Jesus was sent was to teach the people and spread God's religion, And lastly, Forgive the people of their sins. Why would he send a raptor down onto a people? A raptors a carnivore, That feasts on meat. It has a medium IQ, Which is the same as an average of 3 to 4-year-old.

    Jesus cannot be a raptor for all those basic reasons. I wish you would also have a rational thought about this opinion.

  • No, He was so much more

    Why would god send a raptor down to earth? I think Jesus would be a Brachiosaurus. The Brachiosaurus seems like a wise dinosaur. Able to help people in need, By grabbing the fruits up the highest. It would also be a dinosaur people would be able to follow. Why? Well it's large and tall, So Jesus would be easy to spot, And the Brachiosaurus is also a bit slow, So you would be able to keep up the pace. Atleast compared to a sprinting raptor (if something caught Jesus' attention, And he decided to spring).

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