• Jesus is real

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  • Of course he was.

    Of course he existed. The question is not on whether or not He existed, it's on whether or not He is the son of God and a person of the Holy Trinity (Christianity), or a mere prophet (Islam), or a philosopher or charlatan (Atheism). Anyone claiming Jesus did not exist is obviously biased.

  • Historians do agree

    Historians do agree. And I don't see why not. Whether he's real or not won't effect my life in anyway. No Christians get in the way of my life because of their belief in Jesus. No doubt Jesus did accomplish great deeds that gave him such a big name in Christianity.

  • Yes, Jesus of Nazareth is a real historical figure.

    I think that Jesus of Nazareth is a real historical figure. I think that while the claim that Jesus was the son of God and was able to perform miracles are something that needs to be believed by faith, I do think that man himself existed. I am just not sure about his origins.

  • All the evidence shows that he did

    Josephus, Mara Bar Serapion, Tacitus, Pliny the Younger, Lucian of Samosata, Suetonius, and Paul's writings all mention Jesus and go into some parts of his life. Consequently it is almost certain that Jesus did exist. There is no evidence that any of these historical, non-Christian, and independent documents talking about Jesus were faked.

  • He probably was alive but did not perform miracles.

    Jesus of Nazareth was probably a real life person, I do not agree though that he performed miracles. What probably happened was that he helped a lot of people out, and word of mouth blew everything completely out of proportion. Therefore he was probably a real person but not the son of God.

  • He is Christ.

    Yes, Jesus of Nazareth is a real historical figure, because there are documents other than the Bible that talk about Jesus. There were people who saw Him and wrote about Him. He is the Christ because of the miracles he performed and because He died on the cross but rose from the grave.

  • Yes, I think Jesus of Nazareth is a real historical figure.

    I think it's well documented that a man who called himself Jesus did walk the earth, It will always be debatable if this man was a mystic who claimed spiritual powers or if he really was the son of god but overall I do think a man did walk this earth who was what we consider today Jesus.

  • There is no evidence, and lack of evidence does not justify existence.

    There were as many as 17 historians living around or after the time Jesus was supposed to walk on Earth. Not a single one directly refers to Jesus Christ, born of the Virgin Mary, etc. he only texts like this refer to Jesus, but in the sense meaning "the anointed one". Only Josephus advocated his existence, and Josephus was proven to be a liar

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