Is Jesus one of the greatest humans to have lived?

  • Even from a secular standpoint, yes.

    Firstly, there is evidence outside the bible for his existence. If you don't think he existed because of his stories, then look at Siddhartma Gautama, or as he is more commonly known as, the Buddha. He was undeniably real even though his stories were similar to Jesus'. Secondly, he created a religion that has influenced, both directly and indirectly, billions of people world wide, so how can he not?

  • Yes, but with question

    I think he is if you take into account the impact he has had on life on earth. I take into consideration those who believe that he was just a preacher that got his money through milking people being a preacher. There is no doubt in the impact he made on people.

  • Yes, Jesus is one of the greatest individuals to have lived

    The teachings of the individual believed to be Jesus Christ have been influential for centuries. Whether one believes in the teachings of Jesus Christ or not, the fact is that there are few humans whose impact has transcended, time, demographics and culture. Jesus Christ is one of those individuals and as a result could very well be considered one of the greatest humans to have lived.

  • I'd lean towards yes

    I myself am not religious and think there are some staggering exaggerations in the Bible, but I cannot prove that. What I can undeniably point at is the extensive following for millenia that Jesus has created, his influence regardless of what the truth is is far too impressive to ignore. He has to be on the short list.

  • No

    The truth of the matter is that we do not even know of Jesus ever existed in the first place. To my knowledge there is not a single shred of evidence or historical record of him outside of the bible, which given that it references talking snakes and walking on water is not sufficient evidence. But even if he did exist, a lot of what he preached was either self-evidently true or really bad advice (e.g. Make no thought for tomorrow; love your enemies; sell all your belongings, etc.) And then there's the whole infinite torture for finite crimes thing... So no, there have been much better people since him.

  • No

    Jesus was just a cultist preacher who struck it big by having his cult become one of the major religions. The fact is there were many like Jesus and we see many of his kind today preaching on the street corner. Most of the mythology surrounding him is rubbish and spun out of wholecloth.

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