• Jesus is absolutely the son of God

    That Jesus was raised from the dead is the ultimate sign that he was the son of God. The resurrection cannot be denied. It is a historical landmark that establishes a peculiar faith in one who is indeed a savior. Jesus is the ultimate savior who has provided a basis to the forgiveness of sin.

  • Hallelujah Alleluia Amen!

    He is truly the son of God and lives forever, Amen! If Jesus was not the son of God, there would be no atonement for sins. If Jesus was not the son of God, the cross would be pointless, and he would just be another man crucified by Rome. Even the roman centurion on Gologotha said he i was and is forever the son of God! To God Be The Glory, great things he hath done!

  • He most certainly was.

    If you know a virgin that can have a baby on her own without help please let me know. That alone shows that there was a supernatural power involved in her birth. That supernatural power very reasonably would be God due to the circumstances surrounding Jesus's birth. I look forward to someone replying.

  • There is no Dispute.

    Jesus is the Son of God. We know this through many things.

    1. The Messianic Prophecies: There are well over a dozen prophecies concerning the Messiah, and Jesus fulfilled them all. Now, there are some that obviously anybody could've done. (Like choosing a Donkey to ride into the City with) but the others like His place of birth, and other factors were beyond Human Control. Even things like the exact amount of money that would be paid to sell Him out (30 pieces), the Romans gambling over his clothing, etc were all spoken of in the Prophecies before His birth and death. Some would like to say that Christians doctored these things in order to make Jesus fill them, but look at any Jewish Torah and you'll see the exact same prophecies.

    2. His Miracles: In the Bible the fact that Jesus performed miracles or accomplished amazing feats is undisputed. Even the Jewish Teachers acknowledged that amazing things He did, however they claimed it was merely trickery or the result of Demonic influence. These feats are also confirmed through other scholars outside of the Bible.

    3. His Resurrection: In no way has any Atheist been able to beat this. They claim that Jews stole the resurrection idea, however that's absolute bullcrap. That idea was created in a movie that claimed Jesus didn't even exist, that same movie also warped other folklore and mythology to try to make it seem like the resurrection idea was common in other cultures, however that has been widely debunked and disproven. The closest would be the legend of Osiris, however...It still doesn't resemble Jesus's resurrection in the slightest. Osiris never really comes back to life, He just continues to rule in the underworld. The case for the Resurrection is so strong that one Atheist suggested the "Christ Twin Theory" much to the laughter of every Christian. The evidence for Jesus resurrecting was so strong that He suggested Jesus had a twin that nobody knew about who appeared to the Apostles and later disappeared. There is plenty of other Atheist comments that don't do anything seeing as how they've all been debunked. Some would have you believe that Jesus never claimed to be the Son of God, and was blown up over time into what He is today. Yet they ignore that the Pauline letters (Which talk of Jesus being the Son of God) that are dated between 3-15 years after Jesus's death. That's way too short of time for such a legend to develop! Even the Gospel's themselves were written 30-60 years after Jesus's death! That's still too little of time seeing as how eyewitnesses were still alive! But don't forget the 500 other people that witnessed Jesus as well! If that hadn't happened, how could the writers of the New Testament have gotten away with it! It obviously was put there because it happened, and because those other people were still alive to attest to it. That already debunks the whole "Hallucination Theory"

  • Jesus is not God’s Son in the sense of a human father and a son, Period.

    Jesus is not God’s Son in the sense of a human father and a son. God did not get married and have a son. God did not mate with Mary and, together with her, produce a son. Jesus is God’s Son in the sense that He is God made manifest in human form (John 1:1, 14). Jesus is God's Son in that He was conceived in Mary by the Holy Spirit. Luke 1:35 declares, “The angel answered, 'The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you. So the holy one to be born will be called the Son of God.’”

    During His trial before the Jewish leaders, the High Priest demanded of Jesus, “I charge you under oath by the living God: Tell us if you are the Christ, the Son of God” (Matthew 26:63). “’Yes, it is as you say,’ Jesus replied. ‘But I say to all of you: In the future you will see the Son of Man sitting at the right hand of the Mighty One and coming on the clouds of heaven’” (Matthew 26:64). The Jewish leaders responded by accusing Jesus of blasphemy (Matthew 26:65-66). Later, before Pontius Pilate, “The Jews insisted, ‘We have a law, and according to that law He must die, because He claimed to be the Son of God’” (John 19:7). Why would His claiming to be the Son of God be considered blasphemy and be worthy of a death sentence? The Jewish leaders understood exactly what Jesus meant by the phrase “Son of God.” To be the Son of God is to be of the same nature as God. The Son of God is “of God.” The claim to be of the same nature as God—to in fact be God—was blasphemy to the Jewish leaders; therefore, they demanded Jesus’ death, in keeping with Leviticus 24:15. Hebrews 1:3 expresses this very clearly, “The Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of His being.”

    Another example can be found in John 17:12 where Judas is described as the “son of perdition.” John 6:71 tells us that Judas was the son of Simon. What does John 17:12 mean by describing Judas as the “son of perdition”? The word perdition means “destruction, ruin, waste.” Judas was not the literal son of “ruin, destruction, and waste,” but those things were the identity of Judas' life. Judas was a manifestation of perdition. In this same way, Jesus is the Son of God. The Son of God is God. Jesus is God made manifest (John 1:1, 14).

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  • Amen he is!

    I know that Jesus was the son of God and whole heartdly believe that he died to save me! Our pastor has been telling us about how in the book of Romans Paul says multiple time that Jesus is the son of God... Not Ceaser... Ceaser is dead, but Jesus is alive..... I think if someone (Jesus) died and came back to life, he must be God's son.

  • Maybe he was in a spiritual sense,

    But he definitely wasn't biologically. The Bible explicitly states that Jesus was born of a virgin, and therefore, did not have a father (which raises the question of where the Y chromosome would have come from). Unless there's a lot of things regarding God's acts on Earth that aren't detailed in the Bible (including his donation of the Y chromosome, nudge nudge, wink wink) then I don't think things like DNA evidence will point to divine genes.

  • Jesus might not be the son of God.

    Jesus wanted people follow him, but in the end, plenty of people did not follow Jesus. In the bible, Jesus was the son of Gold and did many miracles. If the bible is true, how can people at that time did not believe in Jesus? If Jesus has all power and intelligence, how could fail to persuade most of the people to follow him.

  • There is no chance.

    If a prophet comes and does great wonders, and says you Jews have to worship someone else now. (Jesus) Do not head the words of that prophet. It is a test to see if you love god with all your heart and soul. And god even says to kill that prophet. Deuteronomy 13.

  • No he is not. If you think so, you are seriously misguided.

    Jesus was a human. He ate, drank, used the bathroom, and slept. There are also many verses in the bible that allude to the non-divine nature of Jesus. Jesus is one of the greatest messengers of God and transmitters of God's divine grace, but he is not God or the son of God.

  • He was not.

    He was the son of his mother (allegedly Mary), and the human male that got her pregnant.
    According to what I have read, though ancient Jewish marriages did not include a formal ceremony as today, at least one aspect had to take place for the marriage to be official in the eyes of their god. That would be consummation (sex). This means for Mary and Josephs wedding to be official, he would have slept with her. According to the account of Matthew 1: 18-25, never slept with Mary until after Jesus's birth. According to that, officially she was still an unwed mother at the time of the birth. Though Joseph may not have slept with her, the word for virgin in the bible could also be translated to being a young maiden and not necessarily be a virgin. According to that, Mary could have had sex with someone else besides Joseph prior to or during the time of their unconsummated marriage. Clearly, seeing that he was not the father, he was likely told that the baby was of spiritual nature instead of just a result of a cheating fiancee/spouse.
    In the end, there is no way to show that any of Jesus's actions where any more than trickery or use of science around those who did not understand it. About all that can be accepted as fact is that a man named Jesus existed and claimed to be the son of god. Other than that, the rest can be dismissed as folklore.

  • I Belive in G-d but he NEVER had a son

    I'm not saying being Christian is bad. It's probably nice. But my religon believes that ther was and will never be a son of G-d. G-d can't have kids. He isn't human. It's like defying he was G-d in the first place. It is one hundred percent impossible. It's just the truth.

  • Scripture is NOT evidence

    Scripture is not evidence for anything. The Bible, the Torah, the Qur'an and all other religious books are books written by HUMAN BEINGS. I am well aware that the Bible can be traced back to a time more than 2000 years ago but this does not mean that any of these prophecies were in the original work or that any of the events which were supposed to have fulfilled the prophecies actually occurred at all. It is common knowledge that history books covering a single event from two different countries' viewpoints can portray the event very differently to one another and this is because the books are embellished or altered to make the party it represents look righteous and it is very likely that religious scriptures were altered in the same way.

    To the person who cited the virgin Mary as their primary argument, I would like to point out that it is far more likely that Mary was not a virgin and was in fact a young woman who had sex with a man and fell pregnant and made up the story about the angel and the baby being the son of God to avoid being outcast and shunned by people in a time where pre-marital sex was considered a crime.

  • The Evidence is Minimal.

    Many claims have been made to the son of God with many different gods filling that position. The fact that Christianity is the most popular religion is the one and only reason that there are men and women answering yes to the question asked. As for acclaimed miracles by Jesus Christ, the evidence is minimal. The only evidences are either from the Bible or a clearly biased eyewitness. As for fulfilled prophecies, once again, most of them were "fulfilled" on the opposite page or somewhere else in the Bible. These types of prophecies can be replicated by someone who is not divine; much more convincing evidence is needed.

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