• I think yes

    It's a yes because we do not know who delivers the presents when we are sleeping. Every children keeps asking the same question over and over again like "is Santa real?" or "How do I get these presents?" and it all comes to this this question: Is Jesus the REAL Santa? I guess we'll never know.

  • Jesus is the real Jesus and Santa is the real Santa.

    Santa is based off of Saint Nicholas. So, if anything, Saint Nicholas is the real Santa. Jesus, however, can't be classified as Santa just because he's a large Christmas figure. Even though they are both important to Christmas, they are different people. Santa is famous for giving children presents on Christmas day. Jesus is famous for being born on Christmas day and later, saving humankind.

  • Depends on the culture

    In the culture where Santa is discussed, no it is not Jesus. In some cultures Jesus does bring the gifts instead of a "Santa" figure, but based on the way popular culture views Santa Claus, no he is not the same as Jesus is in the Christian religion because of the reasons others have also stated

  • Not completely, no...

    In my opinion, the real Santa is the average guy. That can be any person; your neighbor, a friend, some random person at the grocery story. The real Santa is the one that helps people in times of great need. It's not all about some jolly guy with a red suit and white beard, or a character from a famous novel.

    Posted by: S.K
  • The real Saint Nicholas

    Santa Claus is a Dutch pronunciation of Saint Nicholas. Try saying Saint Nicholas with a thick Dutch accent. It comes out Sant-na-clause, or Santa Claus. Saint Nicholas, also called Nikolaos of Myra, was a fourth century Bishop in what is modern day Turkey. Nicholas was an important scholar in his day, a member of the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD, and a prolific writer about the incarnation of Christ. He had a bit of a temper and would not have responded well to someone suggesting that he was Jesus, or visa-versa.

  • Umm, not quite...

    Jesus wasn't fat, jolly, white, regularly seen in a massive sleigh propelled by magical reindeer, tracked by NORAD, played by TIm Allen (wait, he wasn't, right?) or clad in a ceremonial scarlet costume with white frills fashioned by elven hermits. Nor was Santa the Messiah
    (to most people, I guess).

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Vajrasattva-LeRoy says2014-12-21T19:07:10.063
Once Again, my name wasn't Jesus.
I had a Hebrew name, pronounced Yeshua.
As far as I'm aware, nobody knows when the physical body "Yeshua" was born.
If I've already saved all of you, why do so many of you keep putting out so much
Crazy, Lying, Stupid, Unbelieving, Garbage ???
According to Wikipedia, St Nicholas had a reputation for secret gift-giving,
& was the model for Santa Claus.
Since Whites are considered the most intelligent race, other than East Asians,
& I apparently couldn't have been an East Asian,
& I was considered an extremely wise person,
maybe even the wisest person who ever lived,
my body's skin color was probably White.
Since average Black IQs are about 16 points lower than Whites,
It's highly doubtful that my body's skin color was Black.