• Yes, it is in practical terms.

    Most biblically based religions have some thoughts of war in them, usually conceived as war against evil of some sort or another. But when it leaves the realm of symbolism and inner strength and moves into targeting actual people or groups with which it disagrees, then that is akin to terrorism.

  • Jihad Interpreted as Such

    Although not correct in the Holy Qu'ran, the term "jihad" in contemporary times is interpreted as a terroristic act. Just like the parables of Jesus, Muhammad intended the term "jihad" to refer to an internal struggle within the soul as opposed to rising up against oppressive regimes. Also like Biblical texts, words have been twisted around to mean bad things much like the word "jihad" has been.

  • Jihad is akin to terrorism.

    Jihad can be a form of terrorism. Although there are some cases where jihad is not violent, in the West, this word has come to be synonymous with terrorism. Any time the word is used in English, it has a meaning related to terrorism or holy war against the West.

  • It is to destroy.

    Yes, Jihad is akin to terrorism, because Jihad knows no limit in order to get its point across. Jihad even encourages the use of terror in order to effect change as it sees feet. Jihad especially targets innocent people. Targeting the innocent is the very definition of terrorism. Jihadists hurt others for political change.

  • Jihad is not meant to be terrorism.

    Jihad means struggle, or to struggle. This is Jihad against ignorance. People twist the meaning of the word for their own desires. You don't see any 'Jihad'ing terrorist leaders going out and doing their own dirty work, they make the poor and needy do it. Convincing them, either because they are illiterate or because they were promised that their families would be given money if they do certain things.

  • Jihad is not akin to terrorism.

    Jihad is not akin to terrorism. The term most commonly used to describe Muslims fighting is Jihad, but it has been used politically to create fear of Islam and Muslims. Jihad has been linked to terrorism, however when the corpus of Islamic reference material is analyzed, this cannot be further from the truth.

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