• Yes jimmy is much better!

    Flilping thru channels and Leno comes on, I Couldn't stand to watch or hell even listen to Leno. He's got a face only a mother could love! I always said Leno has a face for Radio that's for sure! Jimmy is funny and it comes natural to him, doesn't have to try so hard to make people laugh.

  • Adapts to the times

    Jay Leno played the 1980's game, and recycled it over and again to the end. Played out!! Jimmy Fallon (and his team) understand the market and play to bits for viral promotions online, and maintain substance for duration on the full show. It's not even close....Fallon is better, and got to follow a stale act making him seem even better.

  • Like them both

    I liked Jay thought he was funny. But I always was more interested in conan when Jay hosted. Now I watch Jimmy and no one else. I think he offers more diversity to the tonight show. He sometimes talks over his guests, but I still prefer his energy and excitement over jay. It's a fun show

  • Change can be good and in this case, it was time.

    Fallon brings a much higher and broader level of entertainment to the Tonight Show. Leno was good, but aged out. He didn't update himself and like Letterman became dull and predictable. The ratings are topping all other late night shows. Not quite sure what some of the naysayers are talking about when they claim the ratings are poor. I think those comments must be sour grapes. Change can be good and in this case, it was time.

  • Jimmy is better

    And much more multi-talented. He's made the tonight show a big thing again. He has rejuvenated the show at a much needed time. By the way, I can't believe how all these people here are saying Fallon isn't funny. But Jimmy doesn't need these stupid haters, he already has enough fans to last him a lifetime.

  • He is so much better

    Jimmy Fallon is funny and he does bring a lot to the table. His games and his interactions with the guests makes the Tonight Show so much better. He is younger too (way younger) so he is able to connect with the younger crowd which Jay Leno is unable to.

  • He is phenomenal

    Jimmy comes in and kicks some hilarious butt. He always starts in with new, Hilarious and smart material. It is great for viewers of all ages. Jimmy touches base on all of the new social media buzz and sill covers the classic comedic style chatter. I personally believe he is the best late night American on the air.

  • Heck Yes, before it was easier to turn off the tv

    And go to sleep, but latley I find myself staying up to watch him. I think hes very funny, witty, and has interesting people on the show. I think hes a very "real" down to earth kind a person and it shows. Jay Leno was alright, I'd watch him once in a while, but Fallon is in my home every night! Im totally on board with him putting a smile on my face before I go to bed!

  • Way better than Jay

    It was so easy to turn the tv away with Jay. With the opposite being I can't turn from jimmy because he is so entertaining. Even my wife who doesn't watch any shows loves him. You can tell the celebrities actually enjoy being on the show and you get to see their personality come through instead of lame rehearsed questions Jay would throw out.

  • Funnier in every way

    He just seems to have more nervous energy, as described above and I like his odd ball style of humor. I am 28 and was once a huge Jay Leno fan, but after about age 10 or 11 he just didn't seem funny to me anymore. Leno just got boring after the same types of jokes every show, (Stuck in a Rut)

  • Jimmy is fake and lacks creativity.

    Jay Leno had interesting segments and had a way with connecting with guests in a way that was funny and genuine. Fallon comes across as fake and overreacts with that ridiculous laugh that he does. Replacing Leno with Fallon was a pathetic attempt to increase viewership by appealing to a younger audience. I don’t like it one bit.

  • Fallon is so unfunny its pathetic

    Jay leno is about 4000 times funnier than stupid fallon and Leno was someone that could make 3 generations laugh at the same time. Leno’s humor is timeless and unpolitical and fallon should be fired or better yet taken out back and put out of his misery just to make sure his unfunny ass doesnt ever perform on tv again

  • Fallon is Boring and Unfunny

    Fallon engages in Trump bashing every night Boring! He also fawns over black guests to patronize his black house band Leno is still the King of late night His comedy had much more variety Fallon must think his audience consists of all black Democrats He should have Kimmel cohost They’re shows are identical Complete bore fest!

  • Jay, the better host

    Fallon struggles on set, while Jay was a master of comic timing and confidence. Even if one of Jays jokes bombed, he always had a better come back line to make up for it...A true master!
    I went to many of Jay's stand-up live tours and he was amazingly funny every time, I feel Jay cared about each and every audience he performed in front of and it showed. Jimmy Fallon is a hyped up phoney who tries to ad-lib for laughs, but comes across highly unprepared.

  • Fun, but not funny

    Let's face it, Fallon is very likable. And fun. And creative. He engages his guests quite well. But is he funny? Does he have what it takes to keep viewers interested enough to keep watching? Or do they routinely channel surf after just a few minutes of watching? Jay Leno was likable, and funny. They both have great writers, but Jay just possessed the natural ability to deliver the humor in a rich and delightful way. Who knows, Jimmy may grow into it. Or....
    Only time will tell, if they don't replace him first.

  • Jay Leno is a Pro, Fallon is an amateur

    Jay Leno has a natural sense of how to bring an audience to laugh and know where the punchlines are, how to when to emphasise, what makes good materiel for comedy. His flair and his Italian blood brings his show alive with zest and incredible humour. His face is far more expressive than that of Fallon's. Fallon looks like a young schoolboy sent in to learn about comedy whereas Leno is the master of it. Monolgues and show material were so good under Leno, I cried of laughter. With Fallon, I have to force myself to laugh at his weakest jokes so I don't forget that I am watching comedy...

  • Leno uglier but much more fun and less political

    I watched both. Jimmy is sometimes like SNL, where as it almost seems like the comedy stops and that warm not so fuzzy feeling of almost embarrassment starts. Yes it has moments of really funny, but Leno was always funny, and had many moments of really funny. Leno had great comeback lines. Jimmy is sometimes stupid.

  • Fallon cured my insomnia

    Leno is a comedic stand up genius. Saw him live and for 2 hours the crowd was in tears. Fallon stiffer than a 2 wk old corpse like all SNL people cant tell a joke without the aid of a teleprompter. Has anyone noticed he and Pee Wee Herman have never been photographed together?

  • Jay Leno is Pro

    Common we got to support talent and Jay is born talented. Jimmy is a nice guy but when it comes to the show Jay delivers ...You just cannot compare him to Jimmy. Jay doesn't have to try to be funnier . A very hard working guy and it shows up on screen. One more thing Jay has confidence

  • Jimmy is good but Jay...Is Jay

    Jimmy is a great host and a funny guy, but to be like Jay need years of shows and mainten his quality for years. Jay is not only a a funny guy is smart and make everyone think.
    Hop all the best to Jimmy, but i prefer Jay by far.

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