• A real blessing

    His ministry has encouraged me since 1997. His preaching and singing of the Gospel blesses my heart, Especially when I feel depressed. He has helped myself, Including millions of people worldwide to live for Jesus, And to know how to have victory over sin which is through placing our faith in Him and what He has done for us at the Cross.

  • He teaches sound doctrine

    God used his ministry to bring me back from false doctrine that is being preached en mass on Christian Television. I was deeply hurt by the prosperity, word of faith and grace revelation doctrine that I had lost my way. JSM preach the old fashioned massage which has not changed over 2000 years ago...It has pointed me to Jesus and the Cross.

  • People who follow Swaggert find worth and fulfllment in his preaching.

    Jimmy Swaggart's ministry, although rife with controversy over the years, still provides worth to followers who get spiritual fulfillment from his preaching. All human being sin, according to the Bible, and Swaggert's history is no better or worse than most people's personal history. While many people who back out of following him, people who have been following him for years will attest he is a worthwhile preacher.

  • If he helps people

    If the ministry helps people then it is worthwhile in general, and something that could have a positive effect on their lives. People are often frightened by religion, and, on the other side, people get too caught up in religion, but ultimately, people find a lot of meaning in strange places.

  • It Helps Some

    I believe Jimmy Swaggart's ministry is worthwhile. These televised preaching sessions bring the church to those that are home bound, so in helping these people I believe it is easy to say that his efforts are worthwhile, because if he helps one it is worth the effort, in my opinion.

  • Not when you have people at the helm lining there pockets.

    Why does jimmy swaggaert pay himself a salary of 350000 per year. A man of the cloth should live financially humble. 75000 is plenty especially when you consider when he is doing church business the church pays for his expenses. There needs to be laws passed to protect unsuspecting American citizens.

  • No, it is too impersonal

    Jimmy Swaggart's ministry is not worthwhile because it is too impersonal. Church is not something that is meant to be watched on television. People need to be surrounded by peers that they are comfortable with and consider to be an encouragement to them. That is the way people can be successful in their service to God.

  • No. I do not believe Jimmy Swaggart's ministry worthwhile.

    No. I do not believe Jimmy Swaggart's ministry worthwhile, because he, and his entire ministry is full of crooks. They are only truly interested in making financial gain. When their focus should be solely on spreading the word of God. Jimmy Swaggart's ministry simply doesn't do that. They should be investigated fro misappropriation of funds.

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