• Outsourcing jobs makes unemployment higher

    Outsourcing jobs is bad for America. It is good for the companies that do it, because they reduce operating costs and increase profits, but this only profits the upper class who invest in stocks. It just means less jobs for the rest of America, and less jobs means less income inside the economy.

  • Yes, job outsourcing is bad for America.

    I think that job outsourcing is bad for the United States of America. Sending jobs overseas is bad for the people and the economy. Those are much needed jobs that can be going to Americans, but are instead going to foreigners because some companies would rather try to save their money.

  • Yes It Is

    Outsourcing has been bad for America. This really is not a topic of debate. We have witnessed the results of outsourcing and it has been extensively covered by the media, by Congress, and by academia. Outsourcing caused the loss of many jobs in the United States that will more than likely never return.

  • Yes it is.

    Job outsourcing is terrible for America and any other country who does it. In America, it not only causes a loss of jobs here at home, but it also causes less tax revenue because overseas workers are not being taxed under our code. It is definitely not the right way to go.

  • Not for the consumer.

    It can be quite bad for the job market and employment rates, but outsourcing reduces the input costs for a business, which leads to a reduction in prices for goods and services. This extra benefit ordinary people get in reduced prices is known as consumer surplus, which can lead to higher levels of consumption that can boost the economy and create more jobs that may not be necessarily outsourced.

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