Is Joe Flacco a better quarterback than Colin Kaepernick?

  • Sackernick is not as good as Joe

    Colin Kapernick gets Sacked ALMOST EVERYDAY!!!! Joe Flaco is quicker in his feet and doesn't Get sacked like Kap as much. You can also tell by just looking at them that Joe is soooo more experienced and has better thecniqe. So I think that Joe Is DEFENETLY better. Kap the Sack is a 5th graded compared to Joe.

  • Flacco makes the throws..

    When it counts. Amd he rarely, rarelyis the cause of a ravens' loss. Cant say that is the case, in either case for Kaepernick. And dont talk to me about "potential". There is at least a homeless guy with more potential than me, but he does not do the daily things needed to succeed, as I do. Several qbs had more potential than a montanna or even of marino (rich gannon is best example), but most you cannot name becuase they didnt do the work to succeed.

  • Hes str8 clutch

    Flacco is hands down the greatest QB as of right now. He is clutch making his yeam come from behind on numerous occasions. Kaepernick is the opposite. He is the tony romo of the NFC West. He will throw a pick on the final drive to lost the game. Flacco>Kaepernick

  • Is this even a question?

    I haven't looked at the date this was created, but hopefully it hasn't been anytime this season. I've seen claims such as "Kaepernick would do so much better with the Ravens' great receivers and great offensive line." ...Those do not exist in Baltimore at the moment. Ray Rice has done absolutely nothing this year also, so everything that has happened on offense this year in Baltimore has been pure Flacco.

    Kaepernick on the other hand, has been close to a bust this year. He's had maybe 2 or 3 great games, but other than that, he's been mediocre.

  • Not Your Average Joe

    Joe has poise and does not get himself into bad situations early. He is calm and able to move around if possible. Also I love his deep ball throws and how he can lead his receivers and help work on their skills. He won Super Bowl XLVII, because of his clutch, poise, and leadership.

  • Of course he is

    Kapernick is young and inexpierenced, he is also arrogant and makes "big time mistakes" during "big time games." He depends on his running ability, not for a secondary to his throwing ability, but as an easy way out. When defenses get better at defending the option, he, RG3, and Russel wilson will be truly tested

  • For now but probably not in the future

    The age of the mobile QB is in affect, and they are getting respect as legit QBs. With Flacco's experience as of now has an edge on Kaepernick. Watching the super bowl Flacco had a better game and looked more poised. I belive Kaepernick has way more upside and will pan out to be a better QB when there careers are done.

  • Yes

    Joe Flacco is obviously a better quarter back than Colin Kaepernick. Joe Flacco is a lot more experienced. Look at yesterday's Super Bowl. Joe Flacco had a better overall game then Colin Kaepernick. I'm not judging by that game, but still Joe Flacco is obviously better overall.

  • Yes, Flacco has much more experience and solid performances

    Joe Flacco is a very good quarterback, and will succeed in winning this year's Super Bowl. He has a bigger and better career than Kaepernick, and much more experience in big games. I think all of this will ultimately see him through to standing with the Lombardi trophy on Sunday. Kaepernick may be great some day, but right now he doesn't have anywhere near the experience Flacco does.

  • Presently

    By virtue of having a longer career, Flacco right now is the better quarterback. Kaepernick has a skill set that Flacco doesn't and it may translate to him being a better quarterback going forward, but Flacco has good playoff success and his deep ball has gotten very good this past season. A lot of this argument will be determined Sunday.

  • No

    Colin Kaepernick was offered a job as a pitcher for the Chicago Cubs for one thing. He is faster than Joe Flacco too. He made it to the Superbowl during his rookie year. He also had more rushing yards during the Superbowl than the running back. Altogether, he is just a better quarterback.

  • Heck no, no WAY

    Joe Flacco throws jump balls and prays his great receivers fight and win the jump balls. Kap puts in on the pocket, laser like...the accuracy is incredible. And the mobility of KP7 is 10x Flacco. I don't even consider Flacco in the top 5, and I would certainly take Russell Wilson, KP7, Luck, RG3 over Flacco today. Any of those QBs can win with Raven's offensive line protection and receivers.

  • He is not

    Joe Flacco does not have the speed of Colin Kaepernick. Colin has the better ability to throw the ball too. Colin also has a strategy when he runs, it is not like rg3 just running down a random sideline. He reads the linebackers, pump fakes, and then runs. If he sees the linebackers creeping up on him he will throw it away or throw a fast accurate throw.

  • No, He Is Not

    Joe Flacco is definitely a good quarterback. With that being said, he simply is not as sensational or explosive as the 49ers quarterback. Flacco lacks the mobility and run speed of Colin Kaepernick. Flacco may have a better throwing arm in terms of velocity and distance, but Kaepernick is a true dual threat.

  • No

    From what I have seen I definitely believe Colin Kaepernick is a better quarterback than Joe Flacco. He has a great arm, vision, speed, and a passion for the game you just do not see often in this league. When his team was down big in Atlanta he kept a cool head and never looked like losing the game. To think he has started less than 10 games with such a skill set proves just how great he is, and more importantly, how great he can be.

  • Kaepernick is way better.

    Flacco won the bowl mainly because the Ravens were a team of destiny. He should not even have won the MVP, as that award should have gone to Jacoby Jones. Flacco's offensive weapons were way better, and the rest of his team played way better than Kap's. If Kap's team had showed up, they would have blown out the Ravens. Kap also has way more potential than Flacco, with amazing speed, and one of the strongest arms in the league. Kap will go down as one of the all-time greats, while this will go down as a fluke win by Flacco, with his team carrying him to the bowl (even though he had 11tds to 0 ints in the playoffs). Not to mention, this is Flacco's 5th year with an elite team, and he could have easily won the ship last year and the year before. If Kap was on the Ravens they would have at least 2 rings with him by now.

  • Colin Kaepernick has more abilities.

    Is Joe Flacco more clutch than Colin Kaepernick? Yes. Is Joe Flacco better than Colin Kaepernick? No. Colin Kaepernick is a far better quarterback than Joe Flacco. He has many more weapons in his game that Joe Flacco just doesn't bring to the table. For one, Kaepernick is much more mobile and is better at the throw on the run than Flacco. The only physical advantage that Flacco has over Kaepernick is his long pass accuracy. Flacco is also more clutch than Kaepernick at the moment but that clutch factor can come with experience, which Kaepernick will gain as the years go on.

  • He is not

    While Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens made the playoffs every year he was a starter since his rookie, and was atypically clutch when it counted in the Super Bowl, Kaepernick guided his team to the big game after starting at QB halfway through the season. He was five yards and a botched pass to Crabtree away from the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history. Sure, Flacco got his ring and game MVP, but there is reason to doubt his ability to remain consistently good. Especially after losing Boldin to Kaepernick's receiving corps, it seems unlikely Flacco will have the same measure of success for some time. Kaepernick proved he can thread tight passes as well as he can fake out defenses and beat them with his legs. Though he's raw from inexperience, talent-wise, Kaepernick's track record so far leads me to believe he's better.

  • Hell no, no comparison.

    Joe Flacco has a good arm, however, lacks accuracy, and is not a running QB. Kaepernick is a accurate QB, a fast QB that is good at scrambling, plus has a powerful arm compared to most. Joe Flacco is currently the most overrated QB in the league, and was on a hotstreak during the playoffs. He is not anything but a slightly above average QB with a strong arm.

  • Joe Flacco is not a better quarterback than Colin Kaepernick.

    Kaepernick is more versatile and mobile, and any asset Flacco may have the edge over him, it is negligible. Flacco is only going to benefit from the 'rainbow' long balls he has had success with for so long - the play which won the game over Denver (sent it into OT, actually) and the long touchdown against the 49ers were near-aberrations. Kaepernick is far superior, at least he will be (his lack of experience should reflect how good he almost surely will be), as a balanced quarterback.

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