• Yes, John Brennan is the right man to lead the CIA.

    Yes, I believe that John Brennan is the right man to lead the CIA. This belief stems from the fact that the only opposition to John Brennan filling the position comes from partisan hacks who want to oppose everything that the government does, and attempts to stop the appointment via filibuster, even though it was unsuccessful in the end. There was never any legitimate reason not to appoint Brennan when considering his credentials.

  • Yes, he seems to be qualified

    John Brennan has a great reputation, and he is willing to take on the crazy job of being in charge of the CIA. I see no reason why he shouldn't take on the job. Is there something I'm missing? Just because he hasn't done it before doesn't mean he won't be good at it.

  • No, he is not.

    I do not think that John Brennan is the right person to lead the Central Intelligence Agency. He does not have the necessary credentials to lead the group, and cannot be trusted with such a significant task. I would rather see someone more qualified nominated in his place, that's for sure.

  • No

    The CIA is a very complex and delicate system. One simple slip up and the U.S could be in immense danger. Although John Brennan has been proven to be a good, reliable worker, he is good at what he does now. He should stick to what he knows and what he is good at, leave the CIA to someone else.

  • Do we want another scandal in charge?

    Brennan was in charge in leading mysterious disappearances of prisoners, which was part of Obama's extended targeted killing policy. Even though the man can make men vanish, do really want him in charge of vital information. With connections to the recent scandal, do we need a leader that can cover his scandalous activities?

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