• Elway's Denver's GOAT

    John Elway helped the Denver Broncos win 2 Super Bowl rings. Just because Peyton Manning came to town and took over doesn't mean Elway should be forgotten. John Elway will be revered by Broncos fans towards the end of time because of his success and loyalty to Denver's football fans.

  • Of course he's famous!

    John Elway is long past his glorious playing days, but he remains in the public spotlight via his job in the front office of the Denver Broncos. They show close-up shots of Elway at least a couple times a game, and they always talk about his career and how he's helped Denver back into relevancy. He's certainly still famous.

  • He has his fans.

    Yes, John Elway is still famous because there are a lot of people who still remember his time in the NFL. Elway was a very successful football player and quarterback in the NFL. People who watched him play still remember who he is. Not everyone knows him, but that's to be expected.

  • John Elway is still famous

    John Elway is still famous. And, in fact, ask anyone who knows anything about football and they can tell you who he is and what he has accomplished. He is one of few players who had both a spectacular career on the field and off. He has made a very good transition.

  • No, john Elway is not still as famous as he used to be

    No, john Elway is not still as famous as he used to be. In fact, many people in the younger generations may have never heard of him. He is not that important to football anymore no matter how famous he was when he was playing. Times have changed and John Elway has lost significance.

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