• Far above anyone

    He is completely of another planet. You know any other artist on earth that could write : Revolution, Imagine, A day in the life, Strawberry Fields, Help, Woman. . . . They're so different yet so magic. Hands down, No comparison with anyone. There are many great composers but he is simply a God above all of them. Add to that he is a great singer with an incredible voice. . . .

  • Yes sir yes

    He created.
    Constantly and inventive and infinite powerfull mind.
    A wordsmith by birth, Not afraid to go where nobody ever went. . . A true hero and daredevil who was clever and smart, If not genius at that. . . Creating songs. . Also great voice and marvelous singer. . . And multi instrumentalist. . . Best composer of modern days. . . A freak of nature. .

  • Definitely the greatest.

    John could write things so completely different. Consider what I think is one of his best songs - Jealous Guy - to Tight A$. So different but both so beautiful. Also Woman is one of the greatest love songs ever written, Nothing Paul ever done can compare to it. And then then there is Aisumasen (I'm Sorry). Absolute magic. The greatest ever.

  • Lennon, lennon, paul

    I believe many thinks in best songwriter as the best poet, so Bob Dylan is always quoted. Nor Dylan nor Paul have written music like Strawberry Fields, A Day In The Life, I'm The Walrus... Dylan never wrote songs like Don't Let Me Down, Come Together, You Can't Do That... He just wrote folk / folk rock songs and a little bit of basic rock 'n roll songs. Paul can be the winner for those who don't like more complex songs like Tomorrow Never Knows ... He is the best writer of easy melodies and did some master works like Hey Jude... Nevertheless, the space between John and the others is larger than simple minds can suspect.

  • Lennon is the winner!

    His songs are far more evocative than anyone else's, encompassing the whole range of human emotion, from joy to turmoil. For example listen to 'Jealous Guy'. Anyone who's ever thought of back on a previous love cannot fail to be moved by the emotional intensity of the lyrics backed by a gorgeous melody. Think also of ' In My Life', how could a 24 year old man capture such wistful nostalgia?

  • Poetic genius john

    He is amazing at writing song. He is smart and his words are amazing. He is understanding of reality and loves to mix it in with his songs. He is awesome. He covers controversial topics in the most amazing ways. He is truly amazing at song writing. He is truly the best.

  • Lennon is the Greatest ever

    Lennon was leaps and bounds above anyone, Paul was amazing but still sat behind Lennon. Without Lennon and his ability to write the best melody about his life we wouldn't have the greatest band or the best music. He might now have created rock and roll but without him we would never have crossed over to the music we have today!! GREATEST EVER

  • Yes he is

    No other musician has or will ever come close to his feel, his consistency and his genius. Even Paul McCartney fell flat in the early seventies whilst Lennon continued to create classics with so much emotion and great musicianship that he can't really be matched by anyone. His final LP Double Fantasy in 1980 has some absolutely marvellous songs such as (Just Like) Starting Over, Watching The Wheels and I'm Losing You. For any other artist these songs alone would be the highlight of their entire career.

  • Nobody except john Lennon could have written "imagine"

    John Lennon is a magnificent singer who was the key to the formation of beetles. He established the most celebrated songwriter partnership with Paul McCartney and created magic. Even afer the beetles his songs like "imagine","I'm just a jealous guy" and "woman" are perhaps the best till now.He can rightfully called the greatest songwriter of all time.

  • LENNON hands down the best

    Lennon's troubled child hood clearly made him write some of the most
    nerve touching songs [good or bad].Paul to me ,is the "father -goose"
    of the two.That's not really a nock,in other words, Paul's songs are more positive mood songs and John's are more life isn't all roses songs.As for Dylan ,once again to me, are more same style songs.That's not a put down.THAK GOD we had all three.

  • Lennon and McCartney are second to Dylan.

    Dylan wins this one by a landslide. Even Lennon and McCartney would agree to this. Otherwise, Lennon and McCartney are pretty much equal. Watch the video on YouTube of Lennon riding in a limo with Dylan in London. Lennon is very passive in this video. You can tell right away who the master is.

  • Not a chance

    There are so many innovative artists circling the underground that have done more than this hippie ever could have accomplished to achieve. The Beatles were pure garbage who couldn't write a song if their lives depended on it, lyrics were terrible and none of the musical ideas were fleshed out enough. To call John Lennon the greatest song writer of all time is an insult to other artists.

  • Paul McCartney vs John Lennon

    Because Paul McCartney is the greatest Songwriter of all time. He wrote bigger Rocksongs like Helter Skelter, Get Back, Live and Let Die... And better ballads like Let it Be, Hey Jude, Yesterday, Maybe I'm Amazed... John was great, but Paul was the greater Genius! But Lennon is number 2 of all time.

  • John Lennon is not the greatest songwriter ever

    John Lennon made a impact on music and culture that is still being felt and his music has influenced generations; however, there are too many other great songwriters to put him at the very top. If his life had not been cut short, he might have changed the answer to this debate, but other musicians who have spanned decades and are still composing make them more likely to be the best answer.

  • Nor Lennon/McCartney nor Dylan, Lou Reed

    No one changed the rock & roll cultural landscape so profoundly and dramatically than Lou Reed and The Velvet Underground, not even Bob Dylan, who would come as a close second, Lennon can't match endless creativity and boldness of Dylan and Reed, above all else, he can't match the daring risks these two mercurial icons took, taking rock & roll to places The Beatles didn't even dream of.

  • He is close, but there is one greater

    It's debatable as to whether he's even the greatest beatle. Paul was by far the greater musician and melody man, and this is not to mention his contributions conteptually and in keeping the band productive and competitive within. Johns more of a wordsmith than Paul, and he certainly was more intellectual ( albeit not by a ridiculous margin ), but there is one whom Paul nor John could possibly equate to. Bob Dylan is by far the most prolific songwriter of all time. From Folk hero, to reluctant voice of the civil rights movement, to Rock god, back to folk, to country, to born again Christian, Dylan is and has been so many things. To think the man wrote the lyrics and melodies to Freewheelin', Back Home, Highway 61, Blonde On Blonde, John Wesley, and Nashville skyline comprise a body of work from the 60's ONLY challenged by The Beatles ( who, admittedly, probably have Dylan beat by a hair ). Think about it though... The Beatles had 3 musical geniuses, Bob Dylan was standing on his own to foot. NO ONE can tell a story with their voice the way Dylan can, and the words that pour out of his head seem to swirl together in perfect sequence. He's not the melody writer that Paul or even John are/were, however he's pretty damn close. Granted, after his 60's rock trilogy he's really simplified his instrumental approach. The Beatles even admitted that they were HEAVILY inspired by Bob Dylan, and he was the one who first introduced them to marijuana. Just when people thought he was done, he delivers the most shocking musical comeback of all time with Blood On The Tracks.. Dylan is peerless, and he is the standard by which all songwriters should be measured by forever more.

  • Do people on this forum know of any artists than Beatle Members and Dylan?

    Not even close. There is a long list infront of him and Dylan heads the list. You need to actually listen to more than two genres of music to even comment here. Have you heard of Townes Van Zandt, Paul Simon, or Neil Young? This debate is boring. The Beatles we ok but in the end its just pop music.

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