• Senator McCain's Voice Ought to be Heard!

    Republican Senator John McCain's voice and opinion regarding Guantanamo Bay is reasonable and sensible. His experience during the Vietnam war as well as his time as a Senator makes him an authoritative person when it comes to this controversial issue. His personal and professional life experience makes him the person worth listening to.

  • McCain Probably as Qualified as Anyone

    John McCain is a veteran and is probably as qualified as anyone to make a decision on Guantanamo Bay. I believe his combat experience makes him more thoughtful than a lot of Republicans when it comes to military matters that have long reaching consequences. Whether I like or agree with his decision is another question, but he is no doubt qualified to make one.

  • Yes, he is

    I'm no fan of John McCain. I was in his earlier, more "maverick" days as a senator that would reach across the aisle, but not so much now. Anyway, yes, I do think he is qualified to do so based on his history and the fact that he was once a POW.

  • Has The Know How

    As a democrat I actually like John McCain quite a bit. I don't think he's president material and he picked a terrible running mate, but he does have a lot of political experience and I would trust his suggestions regarding Guantanamo Bay. I think John McCain has received a lot of bad press for bad reasons. He's qualified to make suggestions on this matter.

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