• He hasn't done anything yet!

    I don't understand how so many people can be badmouthing president-elect Trump when he hasn't done anything yet. I think that John Oliver is upset that Trump made him and the rest of the media look so bad, and he exposed the fact that the media is no longer in control of the narrative. At least wait for the guy to screw up in office before talking about how bad of a president he is.

  • He doesn't like the outcome.

    John Oliver is being too harsh on President-elect Donald Trump because, like many people in the media, he doesn't like the outcome of the election. Oliver will not like what President Trump does no matter what he does. He wants to control the public narrative, so he will always find negative things to say about Trump.

  • Comedians display a lack of talent by constantly criticizing Trump.

    Like it or not, he is our next President and deserves a fair chance to unify the country and move our nation forward. The constant criticizing by political pundits and television personalities is becoming very old and tiresome, and not only does it work against efforts to bring the badly divided country together, it demonstrates a remarkably evident lack of creativity and talent. The guy hasn't even taken office yet. It's time to move on for now.


  • I don't think John Oliver is being too harsh on Donald Trump.

    During the campaign commentator John Oliver frequently ridiculed president elect Donald Trump and doubted his viability as President. However, John Oliver is a comedian and making fun of politicians is what they do. He also ridiculed Hillary on a number of occasions but Donald Trump lends himself to harsh ridicule based on his actions.

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