• Yes, and he is smart as well

    John Stossel is quite good looking, and he is not just another
    pretty face. He has won many awards for journalism, and has long specialized in
    speaking out for the ordinary person, the man or woman in the street. His Fox
    show draws in many listeners who do not ordinarily listen to Fox, with a fast
    paced mix of commentary and reporting. He speaks from a libertarian point of view,
    and his thoughts are always worth hearing. Plus, he is easy on the eyes.

  • It's the 'stache.

    Yes, John Stossel's appearance is attractive, because he rocks the mustache. A newsman with a mustache is so much more credible. His mustache just shouts credibility, intelligence, and poise. He, like most entertainers, works hard on his appearance. He looks better on television than in person, but that is the magic of show business. Respect the 'stache.

  • John Stossel's appearance is attractive.

    John Stossel appears to be an attractive man. While the concept of attractive is subjective, he has certain features which are desirable in men. He has a full head of hair, thick eyebrows, a mustache, he's got strong facial features such as a strong chin, strong cheek bones, and a nice nose. His skin is very clear and clean, and he has a good complexion.

  • John Stossel is moderately attractive.

    John Stossel is certainly not unattractive, but he is not incredibly attractive either. I would place him somewhere in the middle. For a man his age, he appears physically fit. He has a nice smile and nice eyes. Although it seems to be part of his signature look, I am not a fan of his mustache.

  • I'm Sure There Are People Who Prefer It

    I believe John Stossel's appearance could be describe as attractive by a number of women. I personally am not a fan of the mustache, I think it looks a bit odd, especially given how full it is. With that said, each person is attracted to different things and different people, so there are probably just as many the prefer it, as don't.

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