Is John Williams the greatest film composer ever?

Asked by: BenMueller09
  • Any one of his major scores would be enough for him to be considered one of the greatest ever

    His music pulls out the best in us and puts us in dialogue with our deepest convictions, hopes, and fears. It does this even outside of the film's that inspired him, which is why his music is played during 4th of July celebrations and many other events that call for great music.

    The Star Wars themes are classics, in the same ways as Beethoven's 5th and 9th symphonies. Like the 9th symphony, they are a call to revolutionary action against tyranny and for political equality. This does not only apply to the originals either. Listen to "March of the Resistance" from Force Awakens; now, go join the fight for good.

    Jurassic Park, meanwhile, conveys the wonder and excitement of scientific discovery; Jaws gives us the terror of being hunted, Schindler's List, the sadness of genocide; Indiana Jones, the jaunty boldness of a fearless and athletic global scholar. There is no mood that Williams can't capture and no composer who elicits so perfectly feelings and strength you didn't think you were capable of.

  • He is The G.O.A.T.

    Yes, People argue that the music doesn't have to be memorable to be good and that you have to feel emotion. Though, when you listen to his music it takes you back to the time you saw the movie and it reminds you of your favorite scenes. John does just that, you can watch a movie again just by listening to his music. He has done that with Star Wars, Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, Jaws, ET, Saving Private Ryan, and the list goes on.

  • Oh heck yes

    He is probably one of the most iconic music composers of our time, and our parents time. He has written scores for some of the greatest movie franchises such as Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Jurrasic Park, Jaws, and many more. His music can make so many feelings happen. If Star Wars did not have the epic score of John Williams, Star Wars just would not be what it is today.

  • Yes hands down

    If you like star wars,superman, Indiana Jones, jaws, then john Williams is your man. I mean the guy has won multiple Oscars, and i cant think of anyone else who comes close. I mean who doesn't like humming the tunes to those classic movies. He is the best and it's not even closee

  • He has scored so many movies its impossible not to recognize the themes and not know that it was done by John Williams

    Indiana Jones, Star wars, Et, Jaws, Jurassic Park etc all have magnificent theme and its impossible not to get them stuck in your head. A hardworking man, John Williams always knows how to compose a good song for a good, bad, or terrible movie or movie series. GO JOHN Williams

  • Bad statistics here

    How many people actually voted? I think he's the man. I'm filling in words to see if this site has a credible sample size to make the vote spread credible. Peter piper picked a peck of some funky pickled peppers. He did, didn't he? That's some bad rhetoric for you.

  • Not just the best film composer, but among the greatest composers of all time

    John Williams' body of work should be view not only as great movie compositions, but also as great compositions period. Some people call Williams "just" a movie composer, as though this somehow makes him a lesser composer than the classical composers who wrote for opera, ballet, and other art forms of their time. The quality and range of Williams' work puts him on a par with Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Wagner, and others as a contender for greatest composer of all time.

  • He is amazing

    John Williams is my favorite composer. He has done Star Wars, Super Man, Olympic Fanfare, Indiana Jones, Jaws and many others. His music in Star Wars really makes the movie. His music actually makes movies better and really adds emotion and felling to his films he is a pop culture icon and a family name.

    The second best composer is John Powell, he did How to Train your Dragon.

  • He's the Best

    John Williams is the greatest film composer of all time. He has created scores for some of the most memorable movies in history, and those movies were so memorable in part because of the depth of emotion Williams evokes through his music. He has own multiple academy awards for his brilliance.

  • The amount of top level scores is insane

    Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Jaws, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, ET, Schlinders List, Saving Private Ryan, Superman, Hook, and more.

    This man is responsible for composing some of the most revered and beloved classic films of all time. Star Wars wouldn't be the same with his touch. Neither Jurassic Park or ET. Who can forget the shark shunting music in Jaws? He is a musical genius. There are many other great composers but none I know of have the longetively that John Williams has had in quality. John Williams has composed great soundtracks for decades. Star Wars Episode 7 will show how consistent he is in his brilliance since 1977

  • One of the best, but far from the best

    Star Wars is truly great. Most of the rest is merely good. He hasn't done that many notable films either, just a lot of series.

    Anyone who thinks John Williams is hands down the best film composer ever is someone who just likes Star Wars and hasn't seen enough other films or listened to enough other soundtracks to put things in perspective. They probably haven't even heard of Ennio Morricone, let alone Bernard Herrmann. Even Hans Zimmer is better I think, he has way more movies that are in large part perfect because of the soundtrack, and he is better at subtlety and fitting the mood of the scene.

    Star Wars isn't even the best film soundtrack around, both the Dollars Trilogy and Lord of the Rings are much better.

  • Not even close

    Many have a wrong opinion that a tune being memorable or hummale means he is a great composer. No. Good music does not need to be hummable. It should evoke emotions while listening to it. That's it. Most people who voted Williams are just casual listeners who got hooked by just the theme of the movie. They voted Williams beuase they are only familiar with him. Sorry your lack of intelligence does not mean he is the best.

  • A very good composer, but his influence is limited

    Williams write in fact only for big budget films. Most of those films were directed by very known directors. Williams' music became often famous by the success of the films. Williams is a very good orchestrator, but his style is not very varied. If you listen to a compilation of him, after a while you will notice that he wrote often the same style of music. Composers such as Jerry Goldsmith and Ennio Morricone have developped different styles, were more experimental and surely more influential. Both were also more productive. Williams composed only 130 scores in 60 years (of which a lot of sequal films including Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter). John Williams is a top 5 composer.

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