• Yes. I think Johnny Depp did a wonderful job of playing Whitey Bulgar in the movie "Black Mass".

    Not only did Johnny Depp do a bang-up job of playing the role of the notoriously and diabolically sly, crafty Boston mobster, but he looked uncannily like Whitey Bulgar in his younger days, with the make-up. "Black Mass" was a good movie, Johnny Depp was good as Whitey Bulgar, but the book on which this movie was based was even better.

    Posted by: mplo
  • If anyone can do tis it would be Johnny Depp

    Johnny Depp is trully a character actor. He literally becomes the part that he is portraying. I think this is what has made Johnny Depp such a popular film actor. He becomes the role so if anyone can do justice to the role of Whitey Bulger it would be Depp, because he loses who he is to become the character he is portraying on screen.

  • Yes, Johnny Depp is convincing as Whitey Bulger.

    Johnny Depp is such an amazing actor, he would probably be convincing as "Whitney" Bulger. His make-up is awesome for the role - it's interesting to see him not look unbelievably gorgeous. His accent is perfect. His unique, kind of quirky style, that he seems to bring to every role he plays, is great.

  • Can Johnny Depp Be A Convincing Mobster?

    I feel that Johnny Depp is such a great actor, that he can handle any role, and any part. He has played and performed for so many different roles, and each one he did a wonderful job. I feel that he would make a very convincing Boston Mobster, and I cannot wait to see it.

  • Johnny Depp can play anyone.

    Johnny Depp has played in movies set in many eras and localities and a Boston mobster is just another challenge. He nails the accent, of course, and shows the conflict in the character. Not as much fun as his usual, no, but the man should be allowed to explore all his acting ability without comparing him to a pirate or looking for scissors on his hands.

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