Is Johnson & Johnson's new drug Viacyte the beginning of the end for diabetes?

  • Yes, i do think so.

    Johnson & Johnson's new drug Viacyte test has already begun in small number of diabetic patients and if it works like as in animals, it would sum to a cure, consummation the requirement for regular insulin infusions and glucose testing which will make life better for all diabetic patients who are suffering from type 1 diabities.

  • I'm saying "Yes" with hope

    There seems to be some progress with stem cells and re-generating islet cells to produce insulin. If Viacyte capsules successfully keep the body from attacking insulin producing cells and it works in humans, it would be amazing. It seems to have a lot of potential and support in the medical community, even among folks who aren't involved in the research or testing.

  • It is a hopeful treatment, but still too early to tell.

    Even after going through extensive clinical trials, the only way to know the true impact and effectiveness of a drug is to use it on the general population. Some drugs are recalled years later because of dangerous side effects either not previously known or not disclosed to the public. We would need to wait several years to find out if the drug works on the general population. In addition, many drugs released into the marketplace have been known to treat, but not cure disease. We will need to see if people that take the treatment only require it temporarily or permanently to get diabetes relief.

  • No, Johnson & Johnson's new drug, Viacyte, is not the beginning of the end for diabetes.

    Viacyte is not a new drug; rather, it's a company with whom Johnson & Johnson's has partnered in the search for an effective and curative treatment of Type 1 diabetes. The partnership combines expansive research on Type I diabetes, and has initiated a phase of medical trials on human subjects.

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