Is Jordan Hoffman right about the acting skills of William Shatner?

  • Yes, Many Star Trek fans would agree with Mr. Hoffman

    A big Star Trek fan on the Internet is named Jordan Hoffman, In 2012 on the website
    birthmoviesdeath. Com, He wrote a superb intelligent article titled "Undeniable Proof that William Shatner Is a Great Actor" numerous references are made to the 1982 film, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, William Shatner Is an international Super Star
    Also on this debate. Org website under
    "Entertainment" opinions see the debate Question titled "William Shatner is a trained Shakespearean stage actor: Is William Shatner one of the best actors of all time" see the answers people gave in support of William Shatner being a great actor, The 2012 article by Jordan Hoffman is given as a reason, But the person misspelled the last name as Shatter, When it should have been Shatner, As in
    William Shatner

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