Is Juan Pablo a good choice for the next Bachelor?

  • Juan Pablo is a great choice for the next Bachelor

    Juan Pablo is a great choice for the next season of the Bachelor as he seems ready and willing to participate in the sad sitcom this premise creates. The producers of the Bachelor will no doubt have chosen some ladies who are not at all interested in garnishing their fifteen minutes of fame but are truly looking for love. Together they'll race through the season showing their terrible acting skills and baring their souls to the viewers at home, all in the name of fleeting fame.

  • Don't trust him...

    I think he is on the show to extend his "15 minutes of fame" and is only there to see how many women he can sleep with. Seems like a "love 'em and leave 'em" kind of guy. With all the rumors of him being a deadbeat Dad, I'm not surprised that he is using his daughter to gain sympathy on the show. Just something about him I don't trust!

  • Focusing too much on sex appeal-no depth

    I've watched the Bachelor every season and have looked forward to it each time...But this time is different. Juan Pablo is being portrayed as a "pretty boy" and "ladies man", and I'm having a hard time taking this season serious. But then again, I've noticed it gradually getting to this point with the mass increase of shower and shirtless shots. --Guess I'm out growing the show.

  • He's so boring

    ABC has spinned him so he looks like a great dad. Wonderful. Good for him. Other than that and the fact that no one can understand a word he's saying, is there anything that we know about him? He's nervous around Chris during interviews, he has no personality and he's as dumb as a rock. Oh and he looks like an elf, enough said.

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