• Odd, but True

    The answer to the question comes down to the fundamental tenant of Christianity. Are we saved by works or grace? If we accept the fact that Jesus saves our souls and takes us to heaven when we believe in him, then we have to ask the question. Did Judas accept Jesus?

    Well the answer is yes. He was a follower, one of the 12. Sure he's gotten a bad rap for betraying Jesus, but if we assume that this was preordained by God, then Judas was an essential part of the process, carrying out God's will. Certainly he felt the need to atone for his sin, and sought forgiveness in his heart. His suicide wouldn't indicate otherwise.

    So if he had accepted the one baptism, accepted Jesus as his savior, and died seeking forgiveness, then we're pretty narrow-minded to assume he's in hell.

    Now me personally? I think he's in heaven. Probably the quiet one at events, timid around others, and afraid to talk about his mistakes and sins. But how many of us have all of our sins known by billions of people and recorded in a book?

  • He Should Have Been

    First: I'm an atheist. This is completely hypothetical to me, but I'll answer nonetheless.
    Jesus taught forgiveness, and even though Judas never specifically asked for forgiveness, he would have wanted to be - he deeply regretted his actions, so much so that he killed himself. Unless God is cruel (which the Old Testament strongly suggests), then he would have allowed Judas into Heaven. However, it's difficult to get a proper conclusion, because, due to the fictional nature of the Bible, we are told that God is good, while being present a horrid, evil God.

  • No. There is no soul that is in Heaven yet.

    People's souls doesn't go straight to their destination when they died.When a person died, the soul doesn't go straight to their certain destinations yet. Souls will be determined if they are going to either heaven or hell when Jesus Christ returns. There is no one that's in the Kingdom of Heaven yet, besides Jesus Christ and the angels. When Jesus returns to Earth, everyone will be resurrected. Then the 1000 years of judgment. Also, know that satan is freely going anywhere he wants right now. He could be anywhere. On the 1000 years judgment, the capture and defeat of Satan will occur. Check out Bro. Eli Soriano's Bible expositions on Youtube. He's the only person that debated against many other religions and he never lose. He would not just assume and make nonsense statements. He only say facts from the Bible. He leads the religion called "The Old Path." It originated from Philippines. Also there is a prophecy on the Bible that the true religion will rise on where the sun is rising. The sun rises on the east, Philippines is on the southeast. And it's also the only country that most accepted the Bible. He preaches facts according to the Bible and Christianity over 20+ hours a day. He also broadcast preaches all over the country using satellite. This religion isn't about money-- unlike most religions. There are Tagalog and English versions on youtube. He is currently in South America and he successfully started over 40 The Old Path Locals in just Brazil itself. Last month, over 200 people were baptized. I was a former Catholic. But he explained all the misleading and invalid things about Catholic religion. Catholic doesn't strictly follows the Bible. Although they claim that they do. In The Old Path, after reading a verse(s), Bro. Daniel and Bro. Eli Soriano will explain what the verse(s) really meant. I was also enlightened about these expositions, there are things that I thought I know, about being a true Christian but I was wrong. Please take a time to watch Bro. Eli's Bible Expositions and Debates on Youtube. I'm not doing this for us, I'm typing all these for you readers. To learn the true Christianity and to be saved. There are English and Tagalog versions. Just please find it. Thanks be to God.

  • No, probably not.

    Well, heaven doesn't exist. Your mental state is caused by hormones and your brain. Once your brain ceases to function, you go Ptooey. That's it. It's sad, but death is it, and when I die, my family will remember who I am for a while, until I simply become a name in a photobook that my great-great-grandchildren look at during funerals and family reunions. Then I will most likely be erased from history, until even the United States becomes a distant memory. Then eventually, the world will become unlivable for humans, and everyone will be forgotten. And that's okay. That means that we should live for everyone to be happy, because humans wont be around forever, and we should do anything we can to lengthen the human race.

  • No, people don't go to heaven when they die.

    When you die, your body in interred underneath the ground. After a while, your body decomposes, leaving only bones. Depending upon burial conditions, the bones may decay as well. Judas, if he existed, died a long time ago, so his body has long since decayed. He is not in heaven.

  • JUDAS the Unstable. .

    He can't be in Heaven because he Is an enemy to CHRIST.
    No one truly knows why he hung himself. It could have been remorse, But it could have been for another reason.
    He never repented and if he truly believed that he could have been forgiven, Then he would have hung in there and not committed suicide. He was obviously unstable. He couldn't even make up his mind and justify his actions. Frankly, He didn't know what he believed in. . . . That's the true tragedy in all of this.

  • No, unlike Peter, Judas was unrepentant.

    When Jesus was resurrected and confronted Peter about denying Him, Peter was repentant and turned back to following Jesus. While Judas realized how wrong what he did was, and he was very sorry for doing it, he was unwilling to face the rest of the Apostles. He also murdered himself. Because he was unrepentant, he will not be saved on the day of Judgement, and so will not enter into Heaven.

    As an aside: There are souls in Heaven today. Evidence of this can be found in the parables of Jesus and in Revelation. The souls of the Lazarus (parable) and the Saints (Revelation) are depicted as being in Heaven (Abraham's bosom and under the Alter).

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I'm the only Christian who replied... Awwwwkward.