• Just hated when people start judging without seeing within

    Btw i have so much experienced with this.... I haven't good-looking face(in my thought)... And people just starting to judge me without see the real of me(my personality),and its bad.... Very bad ! I know dressing is important to look as good as you want but yeah.... We're human And who created me? God... So you're just judging to Creator

  • We should judge people by their appearance

    I believe that people should be judged by their looks. I believe that you should dress to impress because we do it every day. When choosing or buying our clothes we imagine what people might think of us wearing these clothes. When we ask our friends we what we look like we are asking for their opinion and you want to see if they “approve” if they like it.

  • Yes, but we all do it.

    We all know that judging people by their physical appearance is wrong, but it's one of those things that we all do anyway. We don't seem to be able to change, either. The bad part of this is when you go on a job interview and you just know you were judged by your appearance the minute you walked into the room. It isn't right and it isn't fair.

  • Judging people by their physical appearance is bad.

    Judging people by their physical appearance is bad. However, we are taught to use that ability to teach our children how to stay safe and out of danger. If you see someone that does not appear good in the first place then you should go with your instincts. I think judging someone by only their appearance is a bad thing.

  • Yes, judging people by their phsyical appearance is bad.

    I think that judging people solely on their physical appearance is a bad thing. I think that a person should be judged by more than just how they look on the outside. People should be instead judged by how they behave and conduct themselves with other and in a society.

  • Appearance is not always deceiving.

    Judging people by their physical appearance is not bad. In many cases, physical appearance is part of how we evaluate the health of a person. For example, we wouldn't want to enter a restaurant that had a slovenly looking waiter. We also wouldn't want a doctor that had large growths all over his body. Physical appearance is sometimes an indicator of what kind of treatment we can expect in service.

  • You are what you look like.

    No, judging people by their physical appearance bad, because someone can look like the way that they really are. Every English teacher I ever had in school looked really mean. Is it any wonder that they turned out to be really mean. How we are can show on our faces and in our bodies. It's a fine way to judge.

  • As long as you understand there's more to a person than that

    There's a difference between judging how someone looks and basing their worth as a person solely off of such. Not everyone is beautiful, but everyone has something unique and special to share with the world. There is more to everyone than how they look; quantifications of character must be taken from more than that.

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