• Reform for strength

    Judicial reform is a critical component of keeping the government strong and keeping the people's faith in their government strong. Without reform, there will be corruption, chaos, and either a police state or a revolution from the citizens. Reforming the judicial system is the only way to maintain a healthy balance.

  • No, judicial reform is not crucial to maintaining a strong environment.

    I do not think that maintaining a strong government relies heavily on reforming the current judicial system. I do think it relies on having a strong judicial system already. If the citizens of a country want to reform the judicial system, then they should be able to vote for it.

  • Judicial reform is crucial to maintaining a strong goverment

    Judicial reform is crucial to maintaining a strong government because without change things will never get better and people will never fully be held responsible for what they do. As the times change and we move forward in the world we need to update our courts to follow. This is just part of the reason why it is crucial to have judicial reform.

  • Judicial reform is crucial to maintain a strong government

    Judicial reform is needed to maintain a strong government. Some judges are trying to be activists from the bench and this action is not good for the constitution. It breaks down the separate branches of government and it makes the public trust the government even less than it already does.

  • People's trust values

    People's trust in government is unbreakable. If there is a judicial reformation then what would happen to people's trust in the judiciary or what would happen to the old rules the are made by are consitution makers. When there is an argument between two of them they say that I will see you in court,if what may new judicial would not able to satisfy people's need.

  • No, judicial reform is not crucial to maintaining a strong government.

    The term "judicial reform" implies that there is something wrong with the judiciary that needs correcting. It is unlikely that a country would have a judiciary that is in need of reformation yet still consider itself to have a "strong government" for it to maintain. Therefore, the very language of the question means that it almost cannot be true. If your judiciary is in need of reform, you do not have a strong government to maintain.

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