Is Juggle doing a good job at maintaining

Asked by: GOP
  • Yes, it is a fun website.

    Yes, Juggle is doing a good job at maintaining, because it is a fun site with a lot of traffic. I like that the site is kept professional. People can state their own opinion, but if anything is truly offensive, the site monitors make sure that it is not on the site. Also, the people who use the site write well. That is good management.

  • It Is Doing A Good Job seems to have become a lively community where a variety of opinions can be expressed. It is a website where you can explore hundreds of issues from a variety of different thought provoking angles. Whether it is economics, politics, or music, a websurfer is bound to learn more about the issues posted here.

  • No, bugs not fixed

    Debate.Org is lively, but that's not because of Juggle. He won't fix the bugs and is focusing on ad revenue. Juggle is like God; I'll know he cares about me when he gets up off his butt and fixes a bunch of really obvious problems, like polls being posted twice and stuff.

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ClassicRobert says2013-07-24T23:29:53.567
There is one right answer. If you don't pick that answer, the mod overlords are coming for you.