• Don't shoot the messenger

    Julian Assange isn't a criminal, he is a journalist who has gone to great lengths to uncover the truth and let the public know what the American government has done to "protect" their country. He has simply conveyed true information to the public, this is what journalists do. Assange is one of the only people who have revealed to the world what governments do behind closed doors!!

  • Julian Ensures the Success of Democracy

    Julian Assange has done more to ensure the success of democracy and freedom than most of us (though there are many that do much more than I, I do not wish to denigrate anyone's service) that get paid to serve our country. When you sign on the dotted line you will give up your own claim to the constitution (you're now governed by the UCMJ), Julian Assange may very well sacrifice his freedom and he's not even a US citizen. The sacrifice that he's making is pretty incredible to me and while I don't necessarily agree with everything his site has done and released I appreciate that someone has the bravery to do it.

  • Not a journalist but someone with a personality disorder.

    A responsible journalist would have redacted names. He just wants fame and attention and to be seen as a hero. He could be but he is not. Even those who worked with him think him as reckless and insecure. A journalist, though seeking fame and fortune, tend to be obsessive about facts but publish without intent to create more harm to life.

  • Julian Assange is not a journalist.

    Julian Assange is not a journalist because he does not work for any major newspaper. He is a computer hacker, and he is currently under investigation for rape charges in Sweden. He never studied to be a journalist or graduated from any journalism program. He is a megalomaniac with a website and nothing more.

  • A true Journalist abides by the law - or is willing to sit in jail for their cause.

    That's obviously not Assange, since he isn't willing to do jail time in the USA for his cause and he broke laws to obtain his information.

    Assange claims he can't get justice in the USA. So let's examine Justice:
    Justice definition - Noun
    1.Just behavior or treatment.
    2.The quality of being fair and reasonable.
    3.Rightfulness or "LAWFULNESS"

    This is the key that his supporters don't seem to understand: Whether you think this information should be made public or not is a separate issue from whether or not laws were broken to obtain it.

    His entire argument for hiding is that he won't get a fair trial in the USA. There's only 1 way to get a fair trial in the USA, and that's to present your case in court. There are appeals procedures as well. Basically he's saying that the court system in the USA is corrupt without giving it a chance. This would be the biggest court case in the world, and impossible for the USA government to railroad him. So his logic is seriously flawed.

    Julian Assange is a coward, a liar, and a manipulator who convinced a kid to give up government secrets. This kid could receive the death penalty for high treason, which doesn't seem to bother Assange. It sickens me that there are actually people who defend this idiot. His cause may or may not be just, and that is up to individuals to decide for themselves. His methods are not lawful, full stop.

  • Hackers aren't Journalists

    Julian Assange has not done more to ensure the success of democracy and freedom than most us. He has leaked confidential documents which terrorists can get their hands on for a few bucks, and puts our troops at a greater risk. If he was a journalist he would have to have an ethical code and ask questions. However, Julian Assange has not displayed any journalistic behavior thus, he is not a journalist.

  • Journalists Report News

    Journalists report news in an unbiased manner. Assange did not report news, he simply assembled a database of primary source information. If he had reported the news, compiled, analyzed or some how disseminated the information in a coherent manner he might then, and only then be termed a journalist.

  • Not even remotely close

    Julian Assange is a showboating clown that likes to cause chaos no matter who it endangers or hurts. He is not a journalist, his first duty is not that of the people. It is promoting himself. If you've seen any of his recent interviews they paint the picture pretty clearly for you if you didn't already get it, he's a self promoting blowhard trying to sell books.

  • ............................................. No.

    Julian Assange is the most heinous spy of the 2000 Milennium. He is a hacker, a coward, and a criminal who delights in inciting hatred and violence across the world. He does not obtain his sources legally, he steals them, hacks them, and has others do it FOR him. He can't face America because he knows what he did, and he'll get life.

  • Julian Assange is No Journalist

    To be a journalist one must have a certain set of principles, moral integrity and a desire to do what is best for those who read their work.
    Julian Assange has none of these. It appears that he simply wants to make a fuss and gain attention.
    The public's 'right to know' should to be tempered with the 'need to know.' Julian Assange should realize that some things are best left in 'the cloud.'

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