• Yes Yes Yes!!!!!!

    Jump rope is very fun, and ten minutes of it burns as many calories as running six miles. Plus, it could easily be competitive, we just need teams to compete to see whos better. Overall, jump rope is totally a sport, and an absolutely excellent one, at that.
    Thanks for reading

  • Jump Rope is A Sport!

    Jump rope gets your whole heart moving, it also is an extremely fun sport that almost anyone can do. If you can jump up and down, you can jump rope. It is also a sport that works every muscle in your body. Even if you jump for three minutes it is equivalent to when you run a mile. Jump rope is a sport where you can form routines, be creative and have lots of fun doing it!

  • Rope skipping has techniques and definitely a sport

    Jump rope or eope skipping has teams in asia and other continents. It has techniques and requires skills. It has no end and explorative hence a sport and not just an exercise. Worldwide competitions are held every year in rope skipping. Supported by many educational institutions like CBSE it now needs recognition from indian government also.

  • Ofc its a sport

    Look up we jump rope on instagram of usajump rope on YouTube. Competitive jumpropers can jump 200+times in 30 seconds. Freestyle involves tons of triples, quadrupoles, gymnastics and wraps. The double Dutch is super cool and requires lots of strength. Additionally you can compete in it in the junior olympics.

  • Yep, it is a sport

    I believe that it's considered as a sports because it can burn your calories, you can compete with your friends in this sport, and you can also do tricks with it. It is a good exercise for heart and you can do it with your family. For the people that thinks it doesn't have a goal, they misunderstood it. You can compete to see who can jump more times in a limited amount of time, you can see who can do more tricks, or you can simply see who can jump longer and faster without messing up. It's just that simple! You can even do tricks like criss- cross, side swing, and many more. You can do it with 2 friends, like 2 on each end, and 1 in the middle, or 2 people using 1 rope jumping face to face. In conclusion, jump rope is a sport that has a purpose, it's fun to do with your fiends and family, and it's good for your body. Thanks for reading! Now I'm heading off doing jump ropes! ;)

  • Yes of course it's a sport

    If running is a sport then jump rope is. Jump rope burns far more calories than running in a very short amount of time. Not only is jump rope the number one best exercise to burn calories but it's also a competitive sport in which athletes go up against each other.

  • Duh its a sport

    Literally on you tube just search up usa jump rope and you'll see amazing jump ropers. Jump rope is not when you imagine on the playground, it's much much much more than that. It's a year round sport and competitive jumpers practice all year for nationals and worlds that take place in portugal, alaska, etc. We need to respect jump rope and realize it's a sport.

  • I competed in the sport.

    At competition they do more then just jump they do a lot of tumbling in routines. Jump roping is the best thing to do to loose weight. You have to be able to jump for 3min with no breaks. So if you think its not a sport try doing 3 min speed with a wire rope, if it hits you it hurts very badly and say its not a sport then.

  • Yep it is

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  • It makes your heart beat fast.

    Any sport that makes your heart beat fast is a sport. This is because it improves your cardio fitness and tones your muscles. These are the things a sport should do. I love skipping and it is a team sport. I am making my class skip now and all term!

  • I have seen several of these questions

    Sports have objective goals and scoring. There is no reason to feel any activity is "less than" because it is not called a sport, it is just something else, not a sport.

    If you like jump rope, you can come up with a list of reasons why its hard, good physically, or any number of positive attributes. I can think of sports that are less desirable to me than jump rope. I hate football, think I would prefer to jump rope. My preference doesn't make it a sport, doesn't make it more or less than football. Just different.

    Adding this, as I know nothing about jump rope as you might engage in it. If say, you were timed, and the number of times you jumped the rope over that time were matched with others, that would make it a sport.

    Posted by: TBR
  • No no no

    Jump rope should not be considered a sport because a sport should have some kind goal or score. In hockey team with most goals wins.Score
    Swimming, person with least time wins. Goal.
    Jump rope does not have any goal or score so it shouldn't be considered a sport.
    It is just a past time and and something to keep kids occupied.

  • Jump rope isn't a sport

    Jump rope gets your heart moving. Sure it does. So does eating and walking. There are many more healthier sports that actually get your whole body moving instead of your heart. As for it being a sport... No it's not because a sport has an objective and a purpose... Jump people is just a time passer

  • All you do is jump

    Its easy and it has no end goal. Anyone can do it and it requires no talent. 5 year old can do it this debate is stupid anyone that thinks that jump rope is a sport is stupid, No talent is needed to jump up and down like a happy kid.

  • No no no its not a sport

    Because it don't have a goal or a score. It don't have an objective and a purpose... Jump people is just a passer. Its not competing it just jumping up and down a few time. Baseball is a sport because it has a team and competing. People jump rope is no a sport okay.

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