Is justice served in baseball suspensions (yes) or do they just find a scapegoat (no)?

  • Yes, I think justice is served in the baseball suspensions.

    I think the league is well justified in suspending players who use performance enhancing drugs when they are active players, I think the league has clear rules on this and to maintain the leagues overall credibility they had to be tough and suspend major players in the league, I think justice was served.

  • Suspensions are just public relations stunts

    Suspensions are just something baseball does to protect its reputation and pin something on someone until the news cycle moves on. For every player suspended a game for something, there is probably two or even five more getting away with the same thing. If cops can't catch all the real criminals, there's no way a major league sport is busting all their violators.

  • Their actions regarding drugs state they are trying to find a scapegoat

    The Baseball League gives drug tests with plenty of time for the players to clear out their systems. So that means that, for something that should be banned throughout the league, there is ample time to drop clean. The rules that they employ, by not having mandatory spot drugtests, contribute to the drug problem, also, by allowing players to mask their drug use.

  • It is so widespread.

    Justice is not served in baseball suspensions, because the suspensions only catch and punish a very small percentage of those who are actually cheating. In baseball, most people cheat anymore. Just compare Mark McGwire's girth when he started to what he was when he was hitting all of those home runs.

  • The find a scapegoat

    I am a huge baseball fan. Played as a kid for many years, and have been watching ever since I was 6 years old. The thing with Baseball is that with this PED witch hunt, they aim at the most well-known team, the Yankees, and go after the highest-paid player, Alex Rodriguez.

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